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All Categories RSS

You don't want to miss an article and are interested in all categories? In this feed we summarize all blog articles from all categories.

Avanet Podcast RSS

Here you won't miss a single episode of our Avanet podcast on Sophos. A new episode appears every four weeks, with the majority of us talking about the Sophos UTM / XG firewall and Sophos Central. However, this content is only available in German.

Sophos Central RSS

In this category, we'll keep you up to date on every product in Sophos Central. Here we'll keep you informed about important updates, new features or new products that have been added to Sophos Central. But we'll also give you an insight into the roadmap from time to time, so you know what you can expect from Sophos Central in the future. With reviews and experience reports, we also help you to make the right decisions.

Sophos Firewall RSS

This category is all about firewall hardware (SG, XG), but also about Sophos's firewall software (UTM, SFOS). Here we inform you about important firmware updates or new features and help you to make the right decisions with our reviews and experience reports. To help you understand Sophos's plans for the future, we'll also give you an insight into the current roadmap from time to time.

Avanet Onlineshop RSS

Do you regularly shop at our Sophos store and use our dashboard to keep track of your purchased hardware and licenses? Then this category is almost mandatory! Here we inform you about price adjustments and when new Sophos products have been added or updated. We will also report on the further development of our shop.

Security Life RSS

In this category, we focus on security in everyday life, but always with Sophos products in mind. Here we'll tell you about the latest threats, new viruses, vulnerabilities and how to protect yourself against them with Sophos. We will be reporting on new features at the forefront and backstage, which will be presented at Sophos Roadshows and the annual Sophos Discover Conference.

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