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Enhanced web protection against modern threats
Protect your sensitive data.

The Sophos Secure Web Gateway gives you complete control over your data traffic at home or in the office. The advanced Web Protection Engine intelligently scans Web content and blocks current zero-day threats from the Internet. Scanning is performed not only in HTTP and HTTPS traffic, but also in other network traffic.

If you don't want certain pages to be accessed, you can easily block them. Programs such as Dropbox or Facebook Messenger can also be denied access to the Internet with a single click.

Categorized websites

The Sophos Central Web Gateway has a very large catalogue of pre-categorised websites. New and previously unknown websites can be added at any time and assigned to a category. With the category filter, you can then block a desired category, such as "Peer to Peer +ACY- Torrents","Social Networking" or "Video Hosting".

If you are not sure which category a website belongs to, you can check it from the Sophos Central Web Gateway.

Sophos Central Web Gateway - Kategorisierte Webseiten

Web filter

Categories are extremely time-saving if you want to block multiple websites at once. But sometimes it is enough to define only one exception. The web filter is perfectly suited for this purpose. Create exceptions for web pages, domains, IPs, subnets and ports and the advanced Web Protection Engine does the rest. You can either explicitly allow or block a defined exception.

Sophos Central Web Gateway - Webfilter

File filter

You can get even more control over web traffic with the file filter. First of all, you choose a file type that you want to either block or allow. There are over 40 different file types available. You can also determine whether the restriction should only affect the download of such a file, the upload or both. Finally, you can also specify the file size from which the rule should apply.

Sophos Central Web Gateway - Dateifilter

Individual notifications

All the restrictions that you can set via the Sophos Web Gateway will be noticed by a user sooner or later when he or she is on the Internet. For example, if he wants to access a web page that is in a blocked category, or if he starts downloading a file with an unwanted file extension, a message will be displayed informing the user. You can customize the content of this message and add your own company logo.

Sophos Central Web Gateway - Individuelle Benachrichtigungen