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Sophos XG Update v17.1.2 – MR2 veröffentlicht

Sophos hat die Version v17.1.1 MR2 des SFOS fertiggestellt. Diese Version wird in kleinen Etappen erhältlich sein. Im ersten Schritt könnt ihr es über das MySophos Portal herunterladen.

Sophos beginnt mit dem Ausrollen mit einer kleinen Anzahl an Slots und wird diese im Laufe der Zeit erhöhen. Später wird es auch für alle anderen Installationen verfügbar sein.

Hinweis: Für weitere Informationen zum Upgrade schaut euch bitte folgenden Post an: KBA 123285 Sophos Firewall: How to upgrade the firmware .

Info: Besitzer einer Sophos XG 85 aufgepasst! Der Code wurde für den internen CSC-Dienst optimiert. Diese Code-Optimierungen haben zu einem reduzierten Speicherbedarf geführt, weshalb die Version v17.1.1 MR2 des SFOS nun auch auf einer XG 85 installiert werden kann.

Optische Unterschiede


  • NC-31276 [Access] SFM Compatibility with v17.1 – Getting error messages in event viewer when clicking on Authentication – Users
  • NC-33640 [API] Unauthenticated shell escape vulnerability
  • NC-31701 [ATP] Clicking on ATP widgets doesn’t redirect to ATP results when ATP widget doesn’t have data
  • NC-30220 [Authentication] Auto-created Radius users are not live on first login
  • NC-30521 [Authentication] Not able to create eDirectory server with password
  • NC-32392 [Authentication] Properly handle Radius SSO requests that also contain the user domain
  • NC-29537 [Base System] Logviewer not working due to sqlite issues
  • NC-31573 [Base System] Empty values returned for certain SNMP queries
  • NC-32399 [Base System] Change of the XG Firewall login screen (again)
  • NC-32481 [Base System] XG85 got reboot due to memorydump
  • NC-32559 [Base System] u2d_client writes to /content/u2d/pattern multiple times with the same data
  • NC-33672 [Base System] On demand CSC worker execution
  • NC-32491 [Clientless Access] HTML5 VPN portal connections periodically stop working until service restarted
  • NC-28034 [Email] Unable to block email with specific mime type
  • NC-29590 [Email] AV pattern updates are failing while service is restarting
  • NC-29761 [Email] Strict RDNS is not working as expected when a record has more then 10 IP addresses with specific scenario
  • NC-29994 [Email] Attachments with iso-2022-jp encoding are not getting filtered
  • NC-31664 [Email] MTA service getting DEAD state when reboot appliance after full configuration import
  • NC-32005 [Email] Awarrenmta sporadically lose connection
  • NC-27866 [Firewall] 802.1Q header is not forward while re-assemble packet in bridge mode
  • NC-29963 [Firewall] Appliance rebooting with kernel dump
  • NC-31027 [Firewall] HTTP to HTTPS conversion not working for CR backups imported to SF
  • NC-31043 [Firewall] DNAT rule is not working in case IP range is used as Destination Host for reflexive rule
  • NC-31268 [Firewall] DNAT rule is not saved when TCP and UDP combination services are created at the time of rule creation
  • NC-32239 [Firewall] Packet Capture: HEX/ASCII lines appear next to an existing line
  • NC-32686 [Firewall] Firewall rule showing „in 0B“ and „out 0B“ in Webadmin
  • NC-26446 [Hardware] 125/135 series – upper 4 port LED’s at front and rear side not behaving as expected
  • NC-30689 [Hotspot] Custom hostname is not displayed when hotspot login through QR Scanning
  • NC-28813 [IPsec] Second PSK input form is not limited to 64 characters as the first one
  • NC-29322 [IPsec] VirtualIP tunnel with CiscoVPN configuration is failing at Phase 2 with PFS
  • NC-29365 [IPsec] IPSec tunnel fails when there is whitespaces at the begin or end of the PSK
  • NC-29436 [IPsec] Failover group cannot be deactivated
  • NC-29599 [IPsec] Disable DPD action check for „Respond Only“ connection when IKEv1 IPSec profile has DPD disabled
  • NC-29702 [IPsec] Remote Access VPN does not connect with VPN Tracker when connected with PSK + XAUTH
  • NC-29760 [IPsec] Child SA not killed, if re-keying is disabled and key life time is reached
  • NC-29892 [IPsec] L2TP connection can’t be activated if the CA name contains a space character
  • NC-30541 [IPsec] HA – charon hangs in shutdown on AUX when killed via signal
  • NC-30571 [IPsec] HA – Restart VPN Service from CLI menu doesn’t start on AUX machine
  • NC-30752 [IPsec] HA – old primary takes the connection after shutdown received
  • NC-31361 [IPsec] IPSec connections are randomly sorted each time the page is refreshed
  • NC-31616 [IPsec] Cisco VPN client issue with iOS device
  • NC-32640 [Logging] Log viewer is not loading on some devices after adding any filter and read/write goes high after activity
  • NC-31277 [Network Services] Interface name mapping failed during backup-restore for DHCP server on Alias over VLAN Interface
  • NC-32265 [Network Services] XG doesn’t use the same name for the FQDN Host Group as configured via SFM
  • NC-32434 [Networking] LAG Member shows different MAC Address after editing via GUI
  • NC-29112 [RED] RED tunnel is fluctuating randomly
  • NC-30520 [RED] HA: RED interfaces are not correctly shown on AUX UI
  • NC-31174 [RED] Loading a huge number of RED devices leads to failsafe mode on backup restore
  • NC-31273 [RED] Interfaces page take 2-3 minutes time to load
  • NC-28794 [Reporting] Even after removing the email address aux node is sending the scheduled executive report
  • NC-33638 [Reporting] Post authentication remote code execution via shell escape
  • NC-30767 [Routing] Policy route not applied on PPPoE connect/disconnect events
  • NC-30288 [SecurityHeartbeat] HA: Failing heartbeat service stops startup from other services after fail over
  • NC-31015 [SSLVPN] SSLVPN client connections always start after reboot
  • NC-31433 [SSLVPN] SSLVPN server config contains routes for disabled s2s server connections
  • NC-29373 [UI Framework] Mitigate possible XSS vulnerability – JQuery
  • NC-34142 [UI Framework] Authenticated remote command execution in WebAdmin
  • NC-29991 [WAF] Authentication templates: Not possible to delete images/stylesheets
  • NC-30130 [WAF] Variable expansion is missing in „path too long“ error message
  • NC-28470 [Web] NTLM logon over HTTP not being passed
  • NC-28950 [Web] Empty tooltip in Policy Tester
  • NC-29295 [Web] Content Filter details are not displayed with languages other than English
  • NC-29297 [Web] Custom images show blanks on blockpage preview before saving
  • NC-29545 [Web] Captive Portal shows guest user link after logout although guest user registration is not enabled
  • NC-31208 [Web] Proxy sends the warn.html with the HA interface IP
  • NC-31908 [Web] Application filter policy rule does not apply on SF device through SFM group level
  • NC-27281 [Wireless] Violations of Qatar regulatory requirements regarding the permitted 5 GHz bands
  • NC-28812 [Wireless] Connected clients are not showing in clients page after backup restore
  • NC-29281 [Wireless] Localwifi update shows successful green status message twice
  • NC-30489 [Wireless] AP is not coming to active status after full configuration export and import
  • NC-30652 [Wireless] Permissions for wireless protection are not exported correctly
  • NC-32653 [Wireless] Backup import failed for WirelessLocalAP

Patrizio ist ein erfahrener Netzwerk-Spezialist mit dem Schwerpunkt auf Sophos Firewalls, Switches und Access Points. Er unterstützt Kunden oder deren IT-Abteilung bei der Konfiguration und Migration von Sophos Firewalls und sorgt für eine optimale Netzwerksicherheit durch saubere Segmentierung und Firewall-Regelmanagement.

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