Sophos SW/Virtual TotalProtect Plus - 2 CORES & 4GB RAM

Product code: XPSB1CSAA

This product is no longer available.

This product is no longer available.


With the Sophos TotalProtect Plus bundle you get the Base license including a FullGuard Plus license which unlocks all features including Sophos Sandstorm on your XG. For the license you can choose between a term of 1 to 3 years.

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Product Description

Base license – An unlimited basic license for your firewall.

The "Base License" is required for each software license. While this license is already included in the price when you purchase an XG appliance, it must be purchased for a one-time fee when you use it with your own hardware. After that the "Base License" can be used indefinitely.

The following functions are included:

  •   Network firewall
  •   SSL and IPSec VPN (no extension required, but IPSec client licenses are available separately)
  •   Comprehensive protection for wireless networks (Wireless Protection)

FullGuard Plus – All Sophos modules including Sophos Sandstorm combined in one bundle at one low price.

The following modules are included:

  •   Network Protection
  •   Web Protection
  •   Email Protection
  •   Webserver Protection
  •   Sophos Sandstorm

Who comes from the SG Series and misses the Wireless Protection at this point, need not worry. The functions of Wireless Protection are included in the Base License of the SFOS. You will automatically receive the base license when you purchase a Sophos XG Firewall.

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