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About Avanet

When it comes to security, we’re all about Sophos.

When it comes to the security of our customers’ networks, we rely 100% on Sophos solutions. The total package, the technological progress and the interaction between firewall and endpoint, is unique on the market.

IT companies are a dime a dozen and most of them want to deliver everything from a single source. With Avanet, however, our focus is on exactly one thing, namely IT security. Since we founded Avanet in December 2012, we have been protecting networks of small and large companies with Sophos products.

We help you protect your network from cyber attacks

Setting up a secure network for a company and protecting it against cybercrime is not a job that can be done on the side. For us, this is a task that 100% determines our everyday life.

If you want to follow our development from 2012 until today, you are very welcome to take a look at our timeline. Our most important milestones are listed there.

We are a certified Sophos Platinum Partner

Are you looking for a Sophos partner to help you get the products right? For us, Sophos is not just any product on the shelf. You buy your Sophos from professionals who know something about the subject themselves. Therefore, we can also provide support on Sophos products and help you with more complex configurations. If we are unable to solve a support case ourselves, we have very good contacts to Sophos support as a certified Sophos Platinum Partner.

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