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Privacy policy

Our principles

We collect and store only necessary data and do not ask you for information that is not used to improve our service or optimize our marketing. We only pass on your customer data to third parties in clearly defined exceptional cases. For the services we use to provide our services and where your information is used or shared, please see this Privacy Policy.

Website Analytics

We decided in September 2020 to stop using Google Analytics on the Avanet website. We now used a cookie 🍪 free alternative, which is also DSGVO compliant.

Privacy notice:

GDPR Compliance:

Payment Provider

As a payment option we offer, among others, the credit card. For this purpose, we use the payment provider Stripe, headquartered in San Francisco (USA). Your mailing address, email address and credit card information are stored encrypted in their database. For security reasons, we will never store credit card information in our database!
You can find Stripe’s privacy policy here:

We also offer Bitcoin as a payment method, which eliminates the need for payment providers as intermediaries.


Once you purchase a Sophos product through our website, we need to register it with Sophos itself. For this purpose, we need to know your name, company name, address and e-mail address.

Ordering a Sophos license or hardware is done through a distributor in Switzerland, Germany or the Netherlands, depending on where the goods are shipped to. We will only pass on the data to these service providers for the purpose of processing the order.

With our subscription licenses, this data is not transmitted to third parties, but remains with us.

Parcel shipping 📦

In case of a physical delivery, your address data will be passed on to the Swiss Post, DHL or UPS, depending on the country of delivery.


We use the service of Kinsta for hosting the Avanet website. Kinsta uses the servers from Google Cloud in Zurich to host our website and database. So as soon as you create an account, all the data you need to provide, except your credit card information, is stored in MariaDB.
You can find Kinsta’s privacy policy here:
You can find the privacy policy of the Google Cloud Platform here:

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of servers used to deliver web content to our website visitors more quickly and efficiently by storing copies of the content on various servers around the world. Here we apply the service of Cloudflare:


As an invoicing tool, they use Zoho Finance Services, which is operated in an EU data center. Zoho’s privacy policy can be found here:

Newsletter ✉️

If you have an Avanet account, you will occasionally receive automated emails from us. To send such emails, we use the service of Zoho.
Zoho’s privacy policy can be found here:

Contact form

Both our contact form and the direct email to us use the Microsoft 365 – Exchange Service: