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Not only companies have systems with data that need to be protected. Also private users pay more and more attention to their IT security. Sophos therefore offers enough features for the home, some of which can even be used free of charge.

If you're interested in finding out which Sophos products you can use for free at home, check out our blog post „Sophos for home users: firewall and endpoint“ for more details.

Sure we do. We offer our expertise to each of our customers. So if you've decided to secure your network with Sophos, but prefer to leave the implementation to a professional, we'll be happy to help you with the installation. If you are confident that you will be able to manage your firewall yourself in the future, we can also train you in a workshop.

So it doesn't matter at all whether you want to give the security completely into our hands, or whether you mostly set everything up yourself and just need our help now and then. Just contact us if you need our support.

Info: We basically offer our support for every country. If the remote setup is not sufficient, we can also arrange a visit. If you would like us to fly in for on-site facilities outside Switzerland, you are welcome to arrange this with us. 😅

Sophos software products (UTM, SFOS, Central) can all be tested free of charge for 30 days. If you also need hardware from Sophos for your tests, we can provide it in a specific scope.

Sophos Central

If you just want to experience the look-and-feel of Sophos Central for a short time, you can use the public demo account:

➜ Sophos Central demo account username: password:

You like Sophos Central and would like to try it out for yourself? Then create your own account now and use the full range of features free of charge for 30 days:

➜ Create a Sophos Central account

Try out Sophos Firewall

You can download both operating systems free of charge from Sophos and install them on a virtual appliance. You will then be able to use all the features for 30 days. If you would like to continue using the system after the trial period, you can either purchase a software license and remain virtual or export the Config, purchase a Sophos Firewall appliance with the appropriate license and import the Config again.

If you'd like to check out the new SFOS interface and maybe check out some of its features and settings, Sophos offers an online demo:

➜ Try Sophos Firewall OS username: demo password: demo

Sophos Firewall demo hardware

In certain cases, it might be a good idea to test a piece of hardware first before ordering it. Especially for larger hardware it is worth testing in a network, e.g. to check the throughput or the overall performance of the box. From certain devices we can provide you with test devices. Just contact us to discuss the next steps.


Since the 1 July 2019, the buying process at Sophos has been adjusted for purchases in the large segment. To ensure that you receive the best possible price, we need to report orders for larger environments to Sophos as a project. This article explains why this project reporting is necessary and which products are affected.

Categorization of products

The following products fall into the large segment for Sophos:

  • XGS 2100 - 8500
  • XG 210 - 750
  • SFOS Software: 4 CPU 6GB RAM to Unlimited CPU / GB RAM
  • Sophos Central per user: 100 - 5000+ users
  • Sophos Central Server: 10 - 1000+ users

So that you don't have to memorize this list, we will inform you on the corresponding product pages if a project notification is required for a product.

Why does it need a project registration at all?

By reporting a project to Sophos, we receive a bonus in form of additional percentages, with which we can offer an even more attractive price. With the new pricing for all the products on the above list, we have assumed that we will receive the project submission bonus from Sophos.

Guaranteed price with some conditions!

However, Sophos will only award a project registration bonus if the project has not yet been registered by any other Sophos partner! So, we can only guarantee you the price if no other partner has reported the project to Sophos before us.

If you order from us without first talking to another partner, you can always be sure that we will receive the bonus for you. 😎 However, if you know before you buy that you have already received quotes from several partners for your order, it is likely that the project has already been protected by another partner and we will no longer be able to offer you the price listed.

Effects on delivery time

Due to the manual project registration with Sophos, we expect a delay of about 24 hours in the ordering process. After a few months of hands-on experience, we will be able to better assess how much time is actually lost through reporting a project to Sophos.

Unfortunately, this means that it will not be possible to deliver products from the above list on the next working day.

If our blog posts or product descriptions can't help you with a decision or if you want to know from us personally whether your selection is well-chosen for a project, we are happy to help you.

We are very interested in your finding the right Sophos product with us, and we want to help you succeed with your projects as well.

Firewall Sizing

One of the biggest uncertainty factors before buying a firewall already starts with the size. You then sit in front of these performance tables and still don't know if it has to be an XGS 116 or maybe an XGS 2100 after all.

Sophos has a Sophos XG Sizing Guide, to help you find the best XG firewall for your needs.

If you would like to make sure that you are safe before you buy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Planning projects

Some environments require careful planning. We can help you with all kinds of Sophos-related issues. We can help you with the following issues, among others:

  • Firewall sizing
  • connect several locations
  • manage multiple countries, locations, networks
  • meet throughput requirements
  • technical support in the implementation of the project
  • consider possible interaction between Sophos products
  • clarify licensing issues

Even though most of the products in our shop were developed for companies, there are no restrictions on who can order these products. Everyone is welcome and can create an account.

Important: Private individuals simply have to be aware that the warranty conditions of the devices are designed for corporate customers. In the case of a warranty claim, B2B regulations apply and not B2C.

Although we do not currently have a special registration process on our website, we do offer special conditions for resellers.

If you want to shop with us on a regular basis because you need Sophos products for your own customer projects, you have found the perfect Sophos partner who can supply you with hardware and licenses in the shortest possible time and at a very good price.

But we're not just a supplier, we're also very familiar with Sophos products. This allows us to provide you with professional buying advice and support.

Info: Would you like to register as a reseller? It is worth noting that we only accept requests from registered companies. Just write us via the contact form, and we will contact you regarding conditions.

No, you must place an order independently via our website. Since you have to accept e.g. our terms and conditions during the order process, we cannot process the order for you.

However, if you have any problems with the order process, we will be happy to assist you by phone.

If you want to buy a license from us in our online shop, you must first select the type of license. A distinction is made between initial, renewal and expand. You can find out in this article how these 3 options differ and which license type you have to choose for your purchase.

Initial purchase

The "initial purchase" is the standard selection and pre-selected for each license. Leave it at this selection when you buy a license for the first time.

Example: You will need a Network Protection license for your Sophos XGS 2300 Firewall. If you have not previously purchased a Network Protection license, which may have expired, this is a classic "initial purchase"


The "renewal" option assumes that you have already purchased the license once and that the term has now expired. Select this license type only if you already have an existing license ID. However, according to the Sophos Renewal Policy, the existing license must not have expired for more than 1 year. If you are waiting more than a year for your license to renew, you will have to select the "initial" option again when you purchase your license, and you will not benefit from a slightly lower price.

Info: You can also renew a license without having bought it from us before. We simply need your Lizenz-ID, which you can leave in the comment field when ordering.


The license type "extend" is not activated at the moment, but will be added at a later time. The purpose of this option is to allow you to extend an existing license for a certain period of time. This feature is particularly needed for Sophos Central licenses, as the terms of multiple licenses need to be aligned.

We often get asked if there is anything we can do about the price in our shop. The short answer is No, unless you are a reseller and would like to register with us. Who compares us once with others, states that we are quite conscious that the price is crucial.

As a Sophos Platinum Partner, we believe in our prices and know that they are fair and in most cases are not undercut by anyone else. Especially with larger firewalls or a large number of licenses, we give a very generous discount. We can keep up with our competitors even when they try to influence the buyer with red discount symbols.

Why can we be so cheap? Firstly, we are a Sophos Platinum Partner and therefore get better conditions than e.g. Silver or Gold Partners. On the other hand, as Avanet we earn most of our money with services (support, projects and training) rather than selling hardware and licenses.

Compare us

Let's be honest. We are all always looking for the best price, so we ourselves are no different. So that you can compare us even better with our competitors, we list ourselves on as well. So if you want to know if you can get a Sophos product at an even lower price somewhere else, simply copy the article number and search for it at toppreise.

Note: We do not see the competitors on as rivals to our service business. Many of the listed resellers are really just online shops and sell a thousand other products. So if you ever find a store that sells a Sophos product at a lower price, be aware that there is a high probability that they will not be able to help you with a Sophos problem.


Prices on our website are targeted primarily at end-users who need Sophos for their own infrastructure. Companies that regularly need Sophos products for their customer projects can register with us as a reseller and get a better price to start with.

Larger projects

For larger projects, we have the option of asking Sophos for project prices. This will give us additional discounts, which we can then pass on to you. However, the following requirements must be met:

  • Your shopping cart needs a minimum value of 10'000 CHF excl. VAT.
  • Your project must consist of several Sophos products, such as firewall and central licenses, or a larger number of access points or REDs.

Yes, Sophos offers discounts on licenses to public institutions or non-profit organizations. There is however no special pricing on hardware or hardware bundles.

Info: Public institutions or non-profit organizations include, for example, municipalities, schools or other government agencies as well as aid organizations that are not profit-oriented.

Under the licenses in our webshop you will find the possibility to choose the RIGHT OF USE. However, always compare the hardware bundles as well. A firewall appliance plus the license with discount is not always cheaper than buying a bundle without special conditions.

Important: Ask us before ordering so that we can check with Sophos to see if your organisation is eligible for the discount. This is not always clear for some associations or relief organisations. For example, private schools do not get a discount because they are profit-oriented.

When you purchase a Sophos product from us in our online store, you must specify an end customer at checkout. To find out why we do this and who is the end customer in your case, click here.

Who is the end customer?

The end customer is always a person or a company who will use the devices or licenses from the order. For example, if you buy a firewall for your private home, you are the end customer. However, if you are buying a Sophos product from our online store on behalf of a colleague or company, your colleague or company is the end customer.

For example, if you run an IT company and purchase Sophos hardware and licenses for your customers through our online store, the end customer will always be your customer's address, not yours.

Why do I have to provide the end customer at all?

When we order hardware or licenses from Sophos, we need to provide the end user's contact information so that the products can be registered to them. It goes without saying that if, for example, your customer's license is registered to your company, it is not correct.

You ordered the wrong item or suddenly changed your mind? We show you here, in which cases it is still possible for you to cancel an order.

Cancel an order

An order can only be cancelled if we have not processed it yet. If you pay by invoice or credit card, the timeframe for cancelling or changing an order is very short. With these payment methods, we will immediately initiate an order after a brief check so that the goods can be delivered as quickly as possible.

Orders paid in advance can be cancelled within 30 days. If an advance payment has not been made after 30 days, we will cancel the order automatically after a brief consultation with the end customer.

If you wish to cancel your order, please let us know as soon as possible by email or telephone.

Warranty & Service

You can find out more about the warranty of the individual device categories at: How long do I get a warranty on my Sophos hardware?

Here we refer you to the detailed instructions on what to do in case of a technical failure of your Sophos hardware: What should I do in case of a technical defect on my Sophos hardware?

At this point we refer you to the detailed instructions regarding opening a support ticket at Sophos: How do I open a support ticket at Sophos?

All information regarding exchanges or wrong deliveries can be found on our cancellation policy page.


In order to process an order as quickly as possible, we offer you the following payment options on our website.

Payment in advance

Fees 0%
You will receive a PDF invoice by email immediately after placing your order. As soon as we have received the payment, we will ship the goods.

Pay by credit card

Fees: 0%
Pay by credit card and your order will be processed immediately. We accept the following credit cards and prepaid cards: Visa, Mastercard and American Express. The amount due for the order is debited immediately and the order is triggered immediately. With this method of payment you benefit from fast delivery.

Security and data protection: Your security is important to us! Therefore, your credit card data will only be transmitted encrypted and stored on request. We do not store credit card information on our servers, but use Stripe, which has sufficient experience with credit card management. More information about Stripe can be found on our privacy page.

Invoice payments

Fees 0%
If you pay by invoice, your order is triggered immediately and you benefit from fast delivery. You will receive the invoice immediately after your purchase as a PDF by email. The payment period is 30 days.

Info: New customers cannot order by invoice from us. If you order frequently in our shop, you can ask us for the option to pay by invoice. Simply contact us via the contact form.

All prices in our shop are shown on the product pages including the legal sales tax. In the shopping cart, as well as in the PDF invoice, we list the individual products with the net price and show the tax separately and transparently in an extra line. The total is then always the total price including VAT.

Shipping & Delivery

On orders in our Shop we do not raise any shipping costs. It is also not differentiated according to order value. No matter how big your order is, it will always be delivered free of charge to the desired address.

The shipping methods are different depending on the country. These are specified by us or by Sophos and cannot be specifically selected by the customer.

The Swiss Post

The complete range of Sophos hardware on our website is presented in the Switzerland and Liechtenstein with the Mail (PostPac Priority) will be sent. Delivery is usually done the next business day, provided:

  • the ordered hardware is in stock and before 16:00 is ordered
  • as payment method Invoice or Credit card is chosen
  • the order is not placed on a weekend

Order on collection

Pickup is only possible in Switzerland and in exceptional cases. In such a case, please contact us by phone to coordinate the pickup.

UPS, FedEx or DHL

All hardware deliveries to customers in the EU member states are shipped directly from the Sophos central warehouse in the Netherlands. Sophos delivers the packages mainly with UPS, FedEx or DHL.

Electronic delivery

Sophos licenses are normally delivered by email within 2 – 5 working days. However, there are exceptional cases where longer waiting times may occur.

We supply all 27 member states of the EU plus Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Any company or individual with an address in one of the countries listed above can order products from our website and have them delivered.

Note: Sophos's T&Cs entitle us to sell Sophos products only in the European Economic Area, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Only if we have a billing and shipping address in one of these countries, we can fulfill an order.


All customers from Switzerland and Liechtenstein are served by our headquarter Avanet AG in Switzerland. The EU business is taken care of by Avanet SARL-S in Luxembourg.

The time it takes for the goods to arrive at the delivery address after the order is placed depends on various factors. Here you can find out what to consider when calculating the delivery date.

On each product page we indicate whether the desired product is in stock and how long the delivery time will be. There are a few differences per destination country.

Note: The information on this page applies to hardware deliveries only.

Switzerland & Liechtenstein

Our principle for deliveries to Switzerland and Liechtenstein is as follows: Ordered until 16:00 hrs, delivered the next day. We can keep this delivery promise with a delivery rate of over 99 percent. Orders placed on weekends are processed on the next working day.


For our delivery principles, however, there are a few prerequisites to be observed so that we can comply with them. Orders that are placed on time can only be shipped on the same day if:

  • invoice or credit card has been selected as payment method
  • the ordered hardware is in stock
  • the order was not placed on a weekend

Member States of the EU

Deliveries for customers from EU member states are shipped directly from Sophos's central warehouse in the Netherlands. So, we have no influence on the delivery speed here. However, experience shows that you can expect delivery within 2 – 5 working days.

For deliveries to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, we offer partial deliveries! If you have placed an order, for which we do not have all articles in stock, a partial delivery is released automatically. Since we offer the shipping anyway free of charge, there are no additional costs for you, even for a partial delivery.

The same principle also applies if we do not have the ordered quantity of a product. For example, if you order 50 units of an APX 530, we will send you all the units that we currently have in stock and deliver the rest later free of charge.

Member States of the EU

We cannot offer partial delivery for customers from the EU. However, the issue of "partial delivery" does not affect our EU customers as much. The reason is that orders for customers from EU member states are shipped directly from Sophos's central warehouse in the Netherlands. The probability that not all components of an order are available is relatively small.

If you order one or more Sophos licences from us in the shop, they will usually be emailed to you within 1-3 working days as a PDF file. Unfortunately, the process is not always the same, which is why we explain this in more detail here.

Let me start by saying that it's quite normal for Sophos to have you holding the hardware in your hands before the licence in most cases. But that's not tragic either, because with every new hardware you can activate a 30-day trial license. So you can start installing the firewall right away and install your licence on the box later. This applies to the UTM operating system as well as to the SFOS.

Longer waiting times

As mentioned, the normal average is 1 – 3 working days until you get the licence. At the end of the quarter, however, it can take 4 – 5 days. On rare occasions, a licence may take 5 days or more. But with such a long wait, we'll also ask Sophos where the licence is.

Important: Renewals should therefore always be ordered early so that the licence does not expire and network services or endpoint services no longer work.

Special case for XGS/XG Firewall licences

With a SG firewall you get a licence file (txt) from us, which you have to install on your firewall. When buying a SFOS licence (XGS/XG firewall) for the first time, either individually or in a bundle, the licence can be synchronized in the web interface of the firewall. In contrast to UTM, no licence file with a key is theoretically required here. We write here "theoretically", because in the past there were cases where the automatic synchronization of the licence did not work and afterwards the licence key had to be entered manually. We explained how to do this in the following KB post: Enable Sophos XG Firewall licence key

In the case of renewal licenses, we have experienced that the key usually has to be entered manually in the web interface.

For deliveries to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, we can have the goods delivered on a specific date. Customers from EU member states will always receive their hardware on the next possible date.

Simply write us the desired delivery date at the end of the order process in the comment field and we will then ensure that the delivery arrives on the desired day at the delivery address specified in the order.

Info: The invoice is generated when the order is placed. Depending on which payment method you choose, payment is due immediately or within 30 days.

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