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How long do I get warranty on my Sophos hardware?

When you purchase a Sophos hardware product from our store, Sophos provides you with a standard one-year manufacturer’s warranty. However, there are ways you can extend the warranty period of your device.

Each hardware product is registered to the end user at the time of purchase from Sophos. The warranty period of your device starts from the date of delivery. You will also find this date on your delivery bill.

Warranty extension

The warranty period of one year only applies if you buy the hardware separately. To extend the warranty a bit longer, you have different options depending on the hardware:

APX Series

The new APX access points can be connected either via a Sophos Firewall or Sophos Central operated. Those who manage an APX via the Sophos Firewall get a 5-year warranty as standard! With the Central Wireless solution, the warranty is included in the annual license.


The SD-RED 20 and SD-RED 60 have a 5 year warranty.

Sophos Firewall

With a Sophos Firewall, a lot depends on whether you buy the hardware separately or benefit from a bundle. A Standard Protection or Xstream Protection license bundle includes Enhanced Support, which can extend the warranty of your box to a maximum of 5 years. So as long as you have an active Enhanced Support license for 5 years, you’re covered. If you buy the hardware separately, you can also buy the Enhanced Support license separately.

Important: We recommend to buy a hardware bundle from the beginning, where the Enhanced Support is already included. If you want to buy the hardware without the bundle, we would still always include the Enhanced Enhanced Support. Otherwise, no warranty replacement is possible after this one year, even if Enhanced Enhanced Support is purchased later or an upgrade to a FullGuard or EnterpriseGuard bundle is made! You would be entitled to software updates and support calls for this device, but no longer entitled to warranty replacement.

SG Firewall

For an SG Firewall with the UTM operating system, the warranty is somewhat different. Your SG Firewall has warranty as long as you have a valid license. It does not matter which license it is exactly.

Claim manufacturer warranty

If the product has a defect within the warranty, you can open a warranty claim directly with Sophos.