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Avanet Blog – Newsletter categories are abolished

There are still major changes coming to our website this year, which we hope to be able to report on soon. Today’s announcement is about two small adjustments to our blog that primarily affect our existing newsletter subscribers.

Newsletter categories are consolidated

The topics in our blog are divided into different categories. Until now, it was possible to subscribe to the individual categories by newsletter, so that you are only informed about the topics that interest you. Since a large part of the newsletter subscribers have subscribed to all categories anyway, the following changes are effective immediately:

  • You can subscribe to the newsletter in English or German, but the selection of categories is no longer possible.
  • Everyone who has already subscribed to our newsletter will receive the blogposts from all categories in the future.

If you prefer to be informed only about new articles in certain categories, you will have to switch to RSS in the future. There, the categories will continue to exist individually until further notice.

Newsletter only once a month

Until now, our newsletter subscribers were informed by e-mail every time a new article appeared on the website. In the future, we will put a summary of all articles from the last 30 days in your mailbox once a month.

If you still want to be informed about new articles in real time, you can follow us on Twitter , LinkedIn or Facebook or subscribe to our RSS feed.


Patrizio is an experienced network specialist with a focus on Sophos firewalls, switches and access points. He supports customers or their IT department in the configuration and migration of Sophos firewalls and ensures optimal network security through clean segmentation and firewall rule management.

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