Sophos Central Update - Email Content Control and more
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Sophos Central Update - Email Content Control and more

David - February 26, 2019

Sophos Central is rapidly evolving and it's time to review the most important new features and small updates of the last two months.

Email Gateway

The Email Gateway module has changed a lot since the last update! A completely new feature for Sophos Central Email Advanced is called "Content Control", which protects you from data loss and malicious email attachments. Basically, it offers the following features:

  • Content Control filters inbound and outbound traffic by keywords and file types.
  • Content Control identifies specific keywords in the subject, message and file name of attachments.
  • You can create your own lists of keywords and file types or simply use the file types recommended by Sophos.
  • Prevents data loss and lets you move or delete messages that violate a rule directly to quarantine.

Synchronized Security has always been associated with XG Firewall and Central. But Sophos is now beginning to let the Central modules communicate with each other. As a result, for example, Sophos Email can order an endpoint to scan a computer from which spam or viruses are being sent. Brilliant, isn't it?

But that's not all! With the new time-to-click feature, Sophos Email automatically detects which users are most vulnerable to phishing emails. Using this data, Sophos Phish Threat can launch a campaign for these high-risk users with just a few clicks.

Watch the video: Sophos Email Content Control

One feature that is still in the Early Access program is Sophos Email Encryption. if you are looking for some information about this, you are welcome to read my review .

Phish Threat

Now you can select up to 5 attacks at a time in Sophos Phish Threat, which will be sent in any order. This will add more variety to your campaigns and make the training more effective. A side note: Phish Threat is now also available in Dutch. 😎

Watch the video: Randomized Campaigns in Phish Threat

Sophos Central Enterprise

Also for the Enterprise Dashboard there were two small innovations:

  1. if you create a new sub-estate in the future, you can now select the data location of the Central Account (Germany, Ireland, USA).

2 Now you can create global policies as templates! This allows you to apply the same global settings and base policies to a selection of sub-estates.

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