Sophos Firewall OS - Important Lifecycle Policy Changes
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Sophos Firewall OS - Important Lifecycle Policy Changes

Pascal - July 8, 2021

Sophos is permanently working on improving the security of the hardware and software, but in fact, in order to provide the maximum and most efficient protection, we need to keep updating both the hardware and, of course, the software. Software updates are regular and new features are being introduced in every update.

In April 2021, Sophos introduced a new hardware series, which in terms of performance, will again be sufficient for the next few years. Upcoming software releases will be even better optimized for this new hardware. This is perhaps why Sophos is now making important changes regarding the lifecycle of a software release on its Sophos Firewall OS (SFOS). As of July 31, 2021, the following versions are End of Life:

  • v17.5 MR13 and older
  • v18.0 MR3 and older

End of Sale means that the product can no longer be purchased from Sophos or verified resellers. End of Life, on the other hand, means that Sophos will no longer support this product. There will be no future releases for this product.

From this date on, any new SFOS release will automatically mean EOL for the older version. Sophos will no longer announce EOL for SFOS versions. A new release automatically means End of Life for a predecessor.

If users continue to use the products that have reached End of Life, they can continue to use the features that were included in the last build before the EOL end was announced. However, this product does not provide all the new features that Sophos releases, and outdated hardware may not support new software in some cases.

See the following Sophos page for hardware that is currently or soon to be End of Life:

Often you don't know which hardware revision you have in use. This web page from Sophos can help:

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