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Creating or restoring a Sophos UTM backup

In this article, we will show you how to back up and restore a Sophos Firewall with the UTM operating system.

Note: In any case, we recommend that you regularly back up the SG Firewall. With a backup, you can easily install the configuration on new hardware in an emergency and be up and running again within a very short time. A backup can also help you to go back to an earlier version if you made a mistake during configuration.

Create backup

Log in to your firewall and select in the left navigation first Management and then Backup/Restore.

Creating a backup of the UTM configuration manually

Manual backups

If you want to backup your firewall quickly and easily, just click on Create Backup Now. Optionally you can add a comment to your backup and have sensitive data removed. Once the backup has been made, it will appear above under Available Backups. You can then download the backup to your computer.

Automatic backup

So that you don’t always have to perform these backups manually, you can set the UTM to create a daily, weekly or monthly backup of the config. Simply click on Automatic Backups at the top of the tab navigation.

Backup UTM configuration automatically

The automatically generated backups are stored on the firewall, but can also be sent by email. When sending backups by email, however, we would always encrypt the backups with a good password.

Restore backup

Log in to your firewall and select in the left navigation first Management and then Backup/Restore.

Import older version

If the backup is still available under Available Backups, just press the icon with the green arrow. However, if it is an older backup that you have stored on your computer, you must first read the backup file under Import Backup. Then it will also appear under Available Backups.

Restore backup to a new UTM

When you first run a Sophos Firewall with the UTM operating system, it has the default IP address Connect your computer to the UTM via the LAN Port and give your computer the IP address for example. Then you can access your firewall with the browser of your choice via the address (username: admin / password: admin).

Once you have logged in to the new UTM, you can follow the steps under import older version. After the import it takes about 60 seconds and the UTM is ready to use again.