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Rename users in Sophos Central Admin

In this article, we will show you how to easily rename users that you create yourself or that Sophos Central creates automatically.


  • Sophos Central Account
  • User login with an Admin or Super Admin role

Rename user

1. log in to the Sophos Central account

Log in to to log in to Sophos Central Admin.

2. show all users

Click on the menu item People in the sidebar. Now all users are listed, which you yourself or the system has created so far. Next, click on the name of the user you want to rename.

3. edit user

On the user’s profile view, you can now edit the user data by clicking on Edit.

4. rename name

In the form, you can now adjust the name and, if you wish, also define the role, perform a group assignment or store additional information, such as the e-mail address. Finally, click Save to save your changes.