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Sophos Central Administrative roles and their meanings

In this article, we’ll explain which administrative roles exist in Sophos Central and what their differences are. Next time you’re having to choose a role for a new user, you’ll know exactly which one to choose.

Administrative roles

There’re five administrative roles you can assign users in Sophos Central to.

Info: Sophos Central includes several pre-defined roles. These roles can’t be edited or deleted.

1. Super Admin

As the name states, Super Admins have got the highest permission level of all administrative roles. There’s nothing above the Super Admin. He’s got full control of the Sonos Central account, without any restrictions.

Important: There needs to be at least one Super Admin.

2. Admin

Admins have got access to all functions in Sophos Central. The only thing an Admin can’t do is manage roles. He can neither change his own role, nor assign a role to a user.

3. Help Desk

Users with the Help Desk role have got write-protected access to all settings in Sophos Central. They can view settings, but can’t change them. They have permission to receive and delete alerts, update client software and scan computers. They have no insight into sensible protocols and reports.

4. Read-only

Read-only users can view sensible protocols and reports such as audit protocols. They can also receive alerts.

Not possible:

  • Management of roles
  • Assigning guidelines
  • Changing settings
  • Deleting alerts
  • Updating client agents on computers
  • Scanning computers

5. User

Regular Users can’t login to Sophos Central Admin, they only have access to the self-service portal.

Change administrative roles

If you’d like to review or change the assigned roles of your users, you can do so by clicking on Global Settings, then Role Management. You can also access the settings via the navigation button People. Simply choose a user and click on Edit.