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Sophos Central administration roles and their meaning

In this article, we'll explain what administration roles exist in Sophos Central and how they differ. So the next time you need to assign a role to a user, you will know exactly which one to choose.

Administration Roles

There are five administration roles that you can assign to users in Sophos Central.

Info: Sophos Central contains several predefined roles. These roles cannot be edited or deleted.

1. super admin

As actually the name already shows more than clearly, a Super Admin has the highest permission level of all administration roles. There is nothing above the Super Admin. He has full control over the Sophos Central account, without restrictions.

Important: There must be at least one user with the role Super Admin be present.

2. admin

User with the role Admin have access to all functions in Sophos Central. The only thing an admin is denied is role management. So he can neither change his own role, nor assign a role to another user.

3. help desk

User with the Help Desk Role have read-only access to all settings in Sophos Central. This means that they cannot change any settings themselves, only view them. However, they can receive or delete alerts, update client software, and scan computers. However, they cannot view sensitive logs or reports.

4. read-only

User with the role Read-only can view sensitive logs or reports such as audit logs and also receive alerts.

Not possible:

  • Roles and role assignments
  • Assign guidelines
  • Change settings
  • Delete alerts
  • Update client agents on computer
  • Scan computer

5. user

Normal User can not be in the Sophos Central Admin log in, but only have access to the Self-Service Portal.

Change administration roles

If you want to check or change the role distribution of your users again, you can click in the navigation on Global Settings click and then Role Management select. Another possibility would also be the way via the navigation point People. After that just select a user and click Edit click.

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