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Sophos Firewall change routing priority

In this article, we explain how to change the order of SD-WAN, Policies, Static Routes.


  • Sophos Firewall with SFOS 18.0 or higher
  • License: Base firewall
  • Mode: Gateway

What is the use of this routing order?

For example, if you have a static route that you want to reach via VPN, it needs firewall rules. However, for the route to work correctly, the priority of the static route must be first.

What are the different routes?

  • sdwan_policyroute: Firewall rules
  • vpn: VPN routes
  • static: Static routes

Show current setting of the appliance

console> system route_precedence show

Redefine order

console> system route_precedence set static sdwan_policyroute vpn