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What is the difference between an SG and XG firewall?

When buying a Sophos firewall, sooner or later you will ask yourself what the difference is between an SG and an XG firewall.

With the SG or XG firewall, the difference lies solely in the pre-installed operating system. While the SG comes with the UTM operating system, the XG Firewall is equipped with the new Sophos Firewall OS (SFOS).

Performance and design

Visually, the differences between the two hardware variants are limited. Only the small desktop series, with the models XG 86/106/115/125/135, come with a rounded design. The SG series in this segment again in the usual angular format. However, the hardware in both series is the same.

Note: If you are looking for a new firewall, we would definitely advise you to get an XG firewall. The future of Sophos is clearly on Sophos Firewall OS and Synchronized Security.