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4 tips on how to make your wireless more secure

WLAN networks offer companies and private individuals fast access to the Internet. However, often these wireless networks are not properly secured and can easily become the target of an attack.

In this article I would like to show a few simple measures that can be used to make a WLAN more secure.

Use WPA2 for encryption

In any case, you should use the WPA2 security algorithm. If the access point does not support WPA2, I would strongly advise disposing of the obsolete device immediately and purchasing a new access point. Older security options such as WEP can be cracked by attackers very easily via browser add-on or Mobiel app within a few minutes.

Create secure passwords

Good encryption is of no use if a weak password is used. The days when passwords with eight digits and special characters were still considered secure are over. We recommend passwords with at least 12 digits, upper/lower case letters and special characters. Also, no words from the word break may be used.

Naming SSIDs with sense

Personal information has no place in the SSID. The SSID is the network name, which can be seen when connecting. It may be obvious and convenient to use the company name when naming the Wifi, or sometimes the last name in the case of private networks. However, this makes it easy for an attacker to find the right network without much effort. So if the attacker doesn’t immediately see which WLAN belongs to you during a network scan, it’s one more small hurdle.

You should always use an SSID that does not immediately reveal which network is behind it.

Limit radio range

Modern access points have multiple antennas and a very high transmission power. If possible, you should limit this range. Thus, it is not possible for an attacker to start a network access from a greater distance.

Is your WLAN secure enough?

Would you like to talk about security in your company? We are happy to help and advise you on the purchase of Sophos products.


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