Avanet Shop - Change to gross prices and project reports
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Avanet Shop - Change to gross prices and project reports

David - July 1, 2019

The time has come to summarize some new changes in the further development of our website for you. The first point is an important change in the purchasing process, which we had to adjust because of Sophos. The other changes will also make it easier to shop from other countries with different currencies and tax rates. For those of you who have an account in our store, the recently introduced "Inventory" will give you a better overview of items you have already purchased.


  • Important change after July 1, 2019
  • Changeover to gross prices
  • Country switcher
  • Stock and delivery
  • New menu item: Inventory

Important change after July 1, 2019

Our mission has always been to make the purchase of Sophos products as easy as possible, to guarantee fast delivery and all this at an irresistible price. However, Sophos has changed the ordering process somewhat since 1 July 2019, which will affect delivery times for certain products. To see which products are affected, see the next section.

Categorization of products

Until now, it didn't matter to Sophos whether we ordered a XG 115 or a XG 310 for a customer. However, Sophos is now differentiating between products that fall into the small segment and those that are intended for larger environments.

I have listed here which products in our shop for Sophos fall into the small or large segment:

Category 1: Small segment:

  • XG 86 to XG 135
  • SG 105 to SG 135
  • SFOS Software: 1 CPU 2GB RAM & 2 CPU 4GB RAM
  • UTM Software: 10 - 50 users
  • All RED, AP, APX models
  • Sophos Central per user: 1 - 49 users
  • Sophos Central Server: 1 - 9 users
  • Sophos Central Wireless: all products

Category 2: Large segment:

  • XG 210 - 750
  • SG 210 - 650
  • SFOS Software: 4 CPU 6GB RAM to Unlimited CPU / GB RAM
  • UTM Software: 75 - Unlimited
  • Sophos Central per user: 49 - 5000+ users
  • Sophos Central Server: 10 - 1000+ users

If you order products from us that fall into the first category (small segment), everything stays the same for you.

Project reporting

The changes to the new ordering process are based on a new project registration model. Should we receive orders in the future that include products in the second category, Sophos would like us to report them first as a project.

For our business model, which is very strongly geared towards automation and speed, such a step is of course absolute nonsense! But Sophos didn't seem to think that there were partners who wanted to bring Sophos products to their customers as efficiently as possible. 🤔

An intermediate step through a manual project reporting to Sophos will probably delay the delivery process by about 24 hours.

Sophos still leaves us the choice of whether or not to report a project, which is only half the truth. Because only those who place an order in the second category get a better price for it!

Project registration bonus

In theory, we could now continue as before without having to report a project. However, we would not get the project registration bonus, which would guarantee our customers a better price.

So in the end, we had the choice of whether this adjustment would have a negative impact on our online business in terms of delivery time or price. Since we always thought that the price was the deciding factor, we will in future place orders from the second category as a project.

Price guarantee with conditions!

So with the new pricing for all second category products, we're expecting to place orders with Sophos. This is the only way we can get the project registration bonus and offer our customers an attractive price.

However, Sophos will only award the bonus for a project registration if the project has not yet been registered by any other partner!

So if you place an order with us from 1 July 2019 that contains a product from the second category, we can only guarantee the price if no other partner before us has reported the project for you.

Of course, this rule applies to all Sophos partners. So if you knock on the door of more than one partner for an offer in the future, only one partner will be able to give you 100% of the best price - the lucky one who first reported the project to Sophos. I don't have to say that you'll only get the best price from a Platinum Partner...

If we don't get the bonus after placing an order, we will automatically contact you. If you order from us without first talking to another partner, you can always be sure that we will receive the bonus for you. 😎

Effects on delivery time

Due to the manual project registration with Sophos, we expect a delay of about 24 hours in the ordering process. We also received this value directly from Sophos in response to our enquiry. After a few weeks of practical experience, we will be able to better assess how much time is actually lost in reporting a project to Sophos.

Unfortunately, this does not prevent products in the second category from being delivered on the next working day. But we don't see such a great need for urgency here either. We are only very relieved that all access points and REDs have landed in the first category and can therefore continue to be sent quickly.

Changeover to gross prices

As we are now selling Sophos hardware in Germany, we must comply with the "Preisangabenverordnung" (PAngV). This means that as soon as you contribute to the B2C trade, you must always indicate the total price you actually have to pay. Since we sell products to both businesses and individuals, we were required by law to make this adjustment. The big bold prices on our product pages are therefore immediately inclusive of the statutory sales tax.

In implementing the new price presentation, we have of course tried to do justice to the companies as well. The net price for B2B trade will continue to be shown under the gross price.

Country switcher

The new country switcher in the navigation is to serve for more transparency with the representation of the prices. So far we have always assumed {{ site.ch_tax_rate }} Swiss VAT on the product pages and in the shopping cart. Only on the last page of the checkout did we calculate the {{ site.de_tax_rate }} VAT for a customer from Germany, for example. So far, the shopping experience for customers outside Switzerland has not been very intuitive.

With the new country switcher you now have the possibility to adjust the price to the desired country of delivery at any time and to display the total price including the legal taxes in advance. When you visit our website, we even try to automatically select the ideal combination of country and currency for you. 👏

Stock and delivery

Since the last update we have added the stock to the product pages. This information should help you to estimate the approximate delivery time.

New menu item: Inventory

All who have created an account with us will find a new menu item "Inventory" in their account. Since 1 June 2019, all products you have bought from us are listed there.

For now, we're gathering useful information here, such as the serial number of your devices or the license numbers and expiration date of your licenses. However, we will certainly expand this area in the future. For example, we plan to filter between devices, licenses and end customers, and offer direct downloads of license certificates from Sophos.

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