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Avanet Shop – Welcome Germany! 🇩🇪

We have worked hard in recent months to build up an infrastructure in Germany as well. Unfortunately, it was not quite as easy as we had imagined, which is why everything took a little longer.

But now the time has finally come and as of now we can now ship all products on our website throughout Germany without any disadvantages for the German consumers! 🎉

Pay in Euro, CHF or Dollar

On our website you can now see the prices in Swiss Francs, Euros or Dollars for all products. Choose your preferred currency in which you would like to pay for your order.

Payment methods without fees

With us you have two options to pay for your order. On the one hand by credit card or on the other hand by bank transfer. There are no fees for customers from Liechtenstein or Switzerland, nor for customers from Germany. For our German customers we have even opened a German bank account at the Sparkasse. 😃

By the way, we are liable to VAT in Switzerland, as well as in Germany, and we indicate this on our invoices.

Correct calculation of sales tax

The prices in our store are still displayed as net prices at the moment. The VAT on this will then be shown separately in the shopping cart. For German customers it is a bit confusing at the moment that the Swiss tax rate of {{ site.ch_tax_rate }} is always taken in the shopping cart. However, as soon as you select a German shipping address in the checkout, {{ site.de_tax_rate }} will be used automatically. This is then also clearly displayed again on the last overview page of the checkout.

Info: However, we will still completely revise this process. Since we of course also want to comply with the Price Indication Ordinance (PAngV), we will switch to gross prices in the future and thus add the {{ site.de_tax_rate }} to each product. Sales taxes will be added to each product if the goods are to be delivered to an address in Germany.

Fast shipping without customs!

Even though we are a Swiss company, we have prepared everything correctly for German trade. We will not export goods from Switzerland for deliveries to Germany, but ship directly from a warehouse in Germany with DHL. So you don’t need to be afraid of possible customs fees! Shipping is also free of charge.

All devices are also supplied with a German power plug.

Other innovations

Besides our big goal to deliver to Germany as well, we have other new features to announce on our website that we have recently launched.

Avanet Podcast

We started our new Avanet Podcast, all about Sophos, on January 16, 2019. For us, this podcast is still a kind of pilot project, which we will continue as long as the number of listeners is right. You can find all six episodes so far on our blog in the “Avanet Podcast” category

You can also subscribe to our podcast on all common platforms:

ℹ️ The podcast was discontinued at the end of 2023. We would like to concentrate more on the blog, which will then also be available in several languages.

New products

Since the last update, two new products have also made it into our range, which we would like to mention briefly.

APX 120

Since February 14, 2018, the new APX 120 is available for purchase. The smallest access point of the new APX series can only be operated via Central Wireless at the moment and is also supposed to get XG support a bit late, like the APX 320, 530 and 740 already (mid 2019).

Sophos APX Mounting Bracket Kit

A mounting plate is supplied as standard with Sophos APX access points. This piece of sheet metal allows the APX to be mounted either on the wall or on a hollow ceiling as a ceiling mount. For more complicated ceiling constructions or especially for smooth ceilings, Sophos now offers a special accessory with the Sophos APX Mounting Bracket Kit.

New backend

When we went live with our new website on May 10, 2018, the backend was relatively poorly implemented for our single-account customers. The orders could be viewed, but the presentation and clarity left something to be desired, even according to our requirements.

Better overview

We have therefore created a whole new area for our customers, which will also be expanded somewhat in the future. The orders are now listed in tabular form and the order status is easier to see.

Easier navigation

If you click on your username in the upper right corner, a dropdown menu will open. While previously the logout button was somewhat hidden, we have now placed it in a more obvious location. The settings give you full control over your profile data, addresses and payment methods.

New functions planned

The new backend doesn’t currently offer any new features that you didn’t have before. However, we have created a new basis to pack in even more useful functions in the future. Our goal is to make it easier for you to manage the Sophos products you have purchased. By this we mean, for example, making the process more convenient for all the license renewals or license extensions.

You can look forward to seeing what else we will implement this year.


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