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Avira antivirus engine – update to new version required

As you may know, Sophos offers two antivirus engines in SG and XG Firewall. On the one hand, the in-house Sophos antivirus engine and, on the other hand, the engine from Avira.

This interaction will not change in the future, but Avira will discontinue support for an older version of its scan engine on December 31, 2019.

What you need to consider

Sophos has already responded to this announcement. As of XG v17.5 and UTM 9.6 version, the new Avira engine is already used.

Those who still work with older firmware versions of these products and use the Avira engine simply need to update to at least one of the above versions by the end of the year.

Cyberoam products now only use the Sophos scan engine, so all Cyberoam customers will need to upgrade to version 10.6.2 or higher.


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