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End of Sale Sophos SG hardware and UTM licenses

End of Sale of the SG hardware and UTM licences

This news should come as no surprise to many of our customers and readers. The countdown for the UTM has been running for us for quite some time and has now reached 0 on April 2.

We purposely chose April 2 to publish this post so no one would think it was an April Fool's joke. 😅

We have already announced the end for UTM support in early 2021 and are now finally closing this chapter by removing all related products from our website.

I will spare myself any words of nostalgia for the UTM. I know that there are still many hardcore fans who still adore the system, and I was once one of them. However, times and requirements have changed and Sophos's focus has actually been different for years. That is why the UTM OS is no longer developed, but only maintained.

We started to guide our customers to the new path of Sophos years ago and migrated many SG firewalls to XG or newly XGS.

Important: Of course, we do not simply drop our existing customers who are still using an SG firewall and did not want to migrate to an XGS firewall until now. Upon request, we will be happy to have licenses renewed with Sophos, until the very end. 😝

I would like to conclude by reiterating that only we as Avanet no longer offer SG hardware or UTM licenses. Sophos itself continues to list these products, the product will certainly work until the end of 2025 and probably a few years longer.

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