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Display of stock on hand for hardware products introduced

Do you like to order from an online retailer where it is not apparent whether the desired product is in stock? Most likely rather reluctantly, right? Unfortunately, until recently, we also had no stock on the website, so very often asked by phone.

At least for our customers from Switzerland and Liechtenstein, the stock level for hardware products is now visible online on the Avanet website.

Clearly, this feature was long overdue, but we first had to adapt a few basic processes so that we could map it technically at all. However, the effort was definitely worth it and the stock is now updated several times a day on the website.


We have anticipated a little bit and compiled a small FAQ. If we have forgotten a burning question on your part, just write us via the contact form.

  • Why is the inventory not in real time? We receive the data every two hours via CSV from our distributors. Unfortunately, we cannot access this data in real time either.
  • Why is the stock shown only valid for Switzerland and Liechtenstein? The problem of Sophos hardware not being in stock in the desired quantity only affects customers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. We supply all other countries directly from the EU. This warehouse there is so large that there will practically never be shortages and displaying a stock becomes obsolete.

Patrizio is an experienced network specialist with a focus on Sophos firewalls, switches and access points. He supports customers or their IT department in the configuration and migration of Sophos firewalls and ensures optimal network security through clean segmentation and firewall rule management.

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