Inventory status for hardware products introduced
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Inventory status for hardware products introduced

Patrizio - August 10, 2020

Do you like to order from an online retailer where it is not obvious whether the desired product is in stock? Most likely not very much, right? Unfortunately, until recently we didn't have any stock on the website either, which is why we were often asked by phone.

At least for our customers from Switzerland and Liechtenstein, the stock of hardware products is now visible online on the Avanet website.

Obviously, this feature was long overdue, but we first had to adapt a few basic processes so that we could map it technically at all. But the effort was definitely worth it and the inventory is now updated several times a day on our website.


We have taken a step ahead and put together a small FAQ. If we should have forgotten a burning question on your part, just write us via the contact form.

  • Why is the stock not in real time? We receive the data every two hours via CSV from our distributors. Unfortunately, we also cannot access this data in real time.
  • Why is the apparent stock level only for Switzerland and Liechtenstein? The problem of Sophos hardware not being in stock in the required quantities only affects customers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. All other countries we supply directly from the EU. This stock there is so large that there is hardly ever a bottleneck, and there is no need to show stock levels.

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