Sophos Firewall Rev. 3 - SG/XG 85-135 completely revised
Sophos Firewall

Sophos Firewall Rev. 3 - SG/XG 85-135 completely revised

Patrizio - February 9, 2018

This news should reach all people who are considering buying a new XG/SG as soon as possible. Sophos expects to launch new desktop appliances (Rev. 3) between late February and early May 2018. We have gathered everything you need to know and packed it into this article.

Which models are affected?

Before we come to the innovations, let's have a quick look at the models we are talking about:

More power, new optics, additional connections

After the hardware update of SG/XG 210 - 450 appliances in September 2017, the desktop appliances of SG/XG 85 - 135 are now up for grabs. While the big SG/XG 210 - 450 were just a little bit of product maintenance, the revision 3 of SG/XG 85 - 135 brings completely new features with real added value. The new appliances are designed to deliver compelling connectivity, flexibility, reliability and performance and will create a significant competitive advantage over other firewalls in this segment.

The performance improvements compared to revision 2 are clearly shown in the following table:

Changes for the XG 85 up to SG/XG 135:

  • CPU Upgrade (Intel Atom Apollo Lake) provides approx. 20% more performance
  • HDMI connection instead of VGA as before
  • all (w) models receive the Wireless Standard 802.11ac
  • COM via Micro-USB
  • new casing & packaging design
  • new rackmount kits (old ones don't work anymore!)

Changes to the SG/XG 105 - 135 Appliances

  • 1x SPF Port
  • Connection for a second power supply unit for fail-safe operation

The models SG/XG 125 and 135 also include expansion slots for:

  • one 3G/4G module
  • one module for the direct DSL slot
  • a second Wifi module (only for SG/XG 135w)
  • an optional second Wi-Fi transmitter module for the SG/XG 135w provides better performance and range, enabling simultaneous transmission at 2.4 and 5 GHz.

More information:

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