Sophos Firewall - XGS Hardware launches new license bundles
Sophos Firewall

Sophos Firewall - XGS Hardware launches new license bundles

Patrizio - April 21, 2021

The new XGS series also introduces new license bundles, which will also apply to XG firewalls (or SG firewalls with SFOS) from June.

Single licenses

The individual licenses have remained more or less the same. These can still be purchased in the variants 1, 2 or 3 years and depending on the region also for schools as EDU or governmental organizations as GOV licenses. Here is an overview of all individual licenses as a refresher:

  • Base License: Stateful Firewall, VPN, Wireless

The Base license is included "free of charge" with every XG/XGS firewall and must only be purchased once for the virtual firewalls. There is no runtime here.

  • Network Protection: IPS, ATP, SD-RED Device Management
  • Web Protection: Web Security and Control, Application Control, Web Malware Protection
  • Zero-Day Protection (formerly Sandstorm): Machine Learning, Sandboxing File Analysis, Threat Intelligence
  • Central Orchestration (planned): SD-WAN VPN Orchestration, Central Firewall Reporting Advanced
  • Email Protection: Anti-spam, Antivirus, DLP, Encryption, Email Malware Protection
  • Webserver Protection: Web Application Firewall
  • Enhanced Support
  • Enhanced Plus Support (no longer exists): Here you should buy the "Enhanced Support" and then the "Enhanced to Enhanced Plus Support Upgrade".
  • Enhanced to Enhanced Plus Support Upgrade

License Bundles

Since in most cases several modules in the top list are needed at once to meet the requirements in a network, Sophos has combined a few individual licenses and previously offered them as a bundle at a lower price. The previously known FullGuard (Plus) and EnterpriseGuard (Plus) bundles have not been adopted for the new XGS series and instead the following bundles have been introduced:

Standard Protection

  • Base License
  • Network Protection
  • Web Protection
  • Enhanced Support

Xstream Protection

  • Base License
  • Network Protection
  • Web Protection
  • Enhanced Support
  • Zero-Day Protection
  • Central Orchestration

Epic Protection

  • Base License
  • Network Protection
  • Web Protection
  • Enhanced Support
  • Zero-Day Protection
  • Central Orchestration
  • Email Protection
  • Webserver Protection

If you need all modules, you are completely covered with the Epic Protection. Only if the Enhanced Plus support is needed, the upgrade would have to be purchased separately.

The bundles listed above are valid for the new XGS firewalls as of now. From July 2021, the XG series will also be switched to these bundles. After that, FullGuard (Plus) or EnterpriseGuard (Plus) bundles can no longer be ordered.

Migration path for XG Firewall users

As mentioned above, the XG license bundles will also be adjusted from July 2021. Sophos has provided the following migration path for this:

  • EnterpriseGuard → Standard Protection
  • EnterpriseGuard Plus → Xstream Protection
  • FullGuard → Epic Protection
  • FullGuard Plus → Epic Protection

Hardware Bundles

Hardware bundles were the logical choice when buying a new firewall together with a license bundle. These were always a bit cheaper than if you had bought the hardware and the license bundle separately.

With the launch of the XGS series, the previously known hardware bundles Total Protect (Plus) and Enterprise Protect (Plus) will also disappear. Sophos also offers hardware bundles for the firewalls of the XGS series, but judging by the current price list, the price advantage will disappear in the future.

Specifically, this means that you can buy the XGS series together with a license bundle, such as the Standard, Epic or Xstream Protection as a hardware bundle (combined as one item), but in terms of price, it would be the same as if you were to add the hardware and license bundle to your cart separately. 🤷🏼‍♂️

The new hardware bundles are also no longer named specifically, which makes it less complicated from our point of view:

  • Sophos [name of the XGS appliance] with Standard Protection
  • Sophos [name of the XGS appliance] with Xstream Protection
  • Sophos [name of the XGS appliance] with Epic Protection

In contrast to the SG or XG series, you can set the license term to 5 years when purchasing a hardware bundle. While the single licenses or license bundles can only be purchased for 1, 2 or 3 years, the hardware bundle can be purchased for 1, 3 or 5 years.

Prices 📈

If we compare the prices with the XG series, we come to the conclusion that everything has become a little more expensive. A close analysis of the new price list has revealed the following:

The hardware has become more expensive

Yes, but the hardware also has more performance. The bottom line is about 30-40%. In some places it's even a 10-fold performance increase. Future software releases will bring even more performance here, as certain processes can be outsourced to the new hardware even better.

The licenses have become more expensive

It has always been the case that hardware with more power also has higher license costs. One thought that comes to many is, of course, that if the hardware now has more power, then yes, you can switch to the smaller model and thus save on license costs. In some cases, switching to a smaller model of the XGS series does make sense. However, you really have to check the requirements carefully beforehand.

Renewal discount removed

Since the days of Astaro, the renewal of firewall licenses has been about 5% cheaper than buying a new one. This is now also no longer the case.

Price advantage for hardware bundles no longer applies

As described, it is no longer cheaper to buy a hardware bundle instead of purchasing the hardware and license bundles individually. Customers who buy the hardware first and then use the 30-day trial license to find out which modules they really need are therefore no longer at a disadvantage. The right license bundle or the right individual license can therefore be purchased later without any price disadvantage. However, offering a price advantage for hardware bundles would still have made sense from our point of view.

Final remarks

The Sophos Firewall still offers the best price performance on the market, despite the price increase. If you don't believe me, just compare yourself with other well-known manufacturers, which offer approximately the same range of functions and excellent performance.

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