Sophos licence validation - check your licences
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Sophos licence validation - check your licences

David - September 11, 2018

Have you received a letter from Sophos in recent days informing you of the correct licensing of Sophos licences? With this blog post, we would like to do a little clarification work on this letter.

Background on the subject of licence validation

We were informed by Sophos on 30 August 2018 via our partner newsletter that our Sophos customers will receive a letter in September on the subject: "Are you still properly licensed? As announced, these letters were sent three working days later, on 04 September 2018. Evil tongues would now claim that the timing of this letter was perfectly aligned with the beginning of the new quarter. 🤭 But that would be a claim, and this post is about facts.

From the newsletter sent to us it was not clear which customers will receive mail from Sophos. There was only talk of "software licenses". Upon request from Sophos, we have learned that all endpoint and mobile users will receive a letter. However, no consideration was given to customers who renewed their licenses only a month ago.

For UTM Firewall, Sophos Central and Classic, Sophos is "very conservative" with licensing, to put it in their own words. Sophos relies on its users to license the products they use correctly and does not yet see the need to control this at the software level. This makes it very easy to license fewer users than you actually have. The product still works without any restrictions and there is only a warning message in the dashboard. That's why Sophos simply sends a letter to all customers.

One would think that a technology company like Sophos, which uses deep learning to find unknown malware, would be able to stop license violations in some other way. The fact that dead trees (paper) would have to be shipped for this to happen would probably refute this assumption.

Check Sophos Central licences

Sophos has also asked us in its newsletter to help our customers with the correct licensing of their products. With Sophos Central, you can easily perform a license check yourself. Click on your account name at the top right of your Central account and select " Licensing " from the dropdown.

The following overview will now show you which licences you are using. The column Limit shows the number of licences you have purchased and are allowed to use. The value in the column Usage should therefore never exceed the value in the column Limit, as shown in the following screenshot. Otherwise you can see that in such a case a red speedometer symbol appears.

Since we know that Sophos is also following our blog, we would like to point out that the screenshot has of course been edited. We're keeping an eye out to ensure that our customers don't experience this kind of gross under-licensing. 😇

Should you notice after this licence control that you still need to re-license, you can contact us at any time. It doesn't matter if you have purchased the licences from another partner before! We will be happy to make you an offer so that you are correctly licensed again in the future.

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