Sophos UTM Endpoint Protection - End of Sale
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Sophos UTM Endpoint Protection - End of Sale

David - December 31, 2018

Before we let the corks pop for a hopefully good new year 2019, there is another important and somewhat short-term announcement from Sophos.

Sophos has suspended the sale of Sophos UTM Endpoint Protection effective 31 December 2018. Support will continue until the end of 2019.

For us, UTM Endpoint Protection has been non-existent for years. Sophos has been neglecting this product and has not developed it further since Sophos Central (formerly Sophos Cloud) appeared in its portfolio. In our opinion, the phase-out of this outdated product is long overdue! As the future belongs to the XG firewall with SFOS, Sophos Central with Synchronized Security is the better solution anyway.

Free upgrade to Sophos Central

End users with an active Sophos UTM Endpoint Protection license do not need to panic now. Sophos is offering a free migration to Sophos Central Endpoint (CEP) for the remainder of your existing licenses.

Of course, we recommend this upgrade to all affected customers, because not only does it make the management of endpoints much easier, but the protection is also up to date again.

Learn more about the migration process: How to migrate from UTM Endpoint Protection to Sophos Central Endpoint Protection

Attractive renewal offer for migration from UTM to Central

If you plan to migrate to Sophos Central Endpoint (CEP) for a longer period of time in addition to the free migration, you will also benefit from a very attractive renewal offer until 28 June 2019:

If you buy a 3-year license for Central Endpoint Protection (CEP) or Central Intercept X with Endpoint Advanced (CIXA) you get it for the price of a 1-year license. We encourage all end users to upgrade to CIXA to get the best possible Next-Gen Endpoint Protection.

Reason for the sudden sales stop

The reason Sophos is now suspending this product so quickly is a Windows 10 release that Microsoft will be releasing in the first half of 2019. This update forces Sophos UTM Endpoint to log out of the Windows Security Center (WSC). This logoff will result in Windows Defender running parallel to the Sophos endpoint. It is unpredictable what this may mean.

Sophos strongly recommends that you do not implement this new Windows release until all clients have switched to Central Endpoint Protection (CEP) or Central Intercept X Advanced (CIXA).

Existing UTM Endpoint Protection customers can extend their existing license to a maximum of 31.12.2019. End customers must, however, take into account possible restrictions imposed by the upcoming Microsoft Windows 10 Update 19H1 (RS6), with which compatibility is no longer guaranteed.

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