Sophos XG Update v18.0 GA - Build 339 released
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Sophos XG Update v18.0 GA - Build 339 released

Patrizio - March 5, 2020

Sophos has released version 18.0 GA Build 339 of SFOS. This version will be available in small stages. In first stage you can download it at the MySophos portal .

We have already introduced all new features in detail in a separate article: Sophos SFOS v18: New features at a glance

This update is for those who wish to upgrade from version 17.5 MR10 to v18.0 GA-Build339

Activate/deactivate SSL/TLS

The new build offers the possibility to activate/deactivate SSL/TLS inspection rules independently via a new toggle. This small but nice toggle is for customers upgrading from SFOS version 17.5. By default the new feature is disabled to avoid possible errors during the upgrade. So customers who want to use the new DPI engine have to activate the new feature.

By enabling SSL/TLS inspection, the following features are enabled:

  • All traffic is checked to determine if it is SSL/TLS traffic.
  • The configured SSL/TLS rules are applied.
  • The traffic is decrypted by the DPI engines, which also makes the web policies work.
  • In the dashboard, the corresponding widget is activated and the values are updated.

Issues Resolved

  • NNC-54339 [Config Migration Framework] v17.5 MR-10 to v18.0 GA migration support
  • NC-56550 [Policy Routing] SD-WAN policy routing screen smudge with blue strip
  • NC-56201 [RED] Backup/Restore failed from v17.5 MR to v18 with specific RED configuration
  • NC-56397 [Web] User getting certificate error

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