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Avanet is now a stock corporation 🎉

In between all the blogposts about Sophos, there is something to tell about our own business. But to say it right from the start: Avanet will remain as it is and nothing will change for you.

Increase confidence in Avanet

When we founded Avanet GmbH on 12.12.2012, we probably never thought that we would eventually think about turning our little two-man shop into a public limited company. For us it was always a dream to build a company according to our own ideas and rules, to be our own boss and to be single-handedly responsible for success or failure.

But what happened that we now decided to turn our GmbH into an AG? The main reason is clearly the “trust” of our customers. When we think back to our beginnings, Sophos and the whole security part was more of a side business for us. Meanwhile, however, it is one of Avanet’s mainstays. We sell Sophos hardware, licenses and our own service to companies whose value exceeds 1,000 times our equity. This was never directly questioned, but for us it was the right step to show everyone that we ourselves stand behind what we do 100%. Since an “AG” in the company name should stand out, you can also say that it was pure marketing. 😉

What will change?

As already emphasized at the beginning, nothing will change in the way we do business. We are not seeking an IPO, nor are we selling our shares (although we are honored to be asked, of course).

Where you might notice the difference is in the size of our emails, which will now be a few bits smaller as the signature has become 2 characters smaller. If we printed out our invoices and mailed them, we might have saved some toner, too. However, since we have relied on a digital office since day one of Avanet, this is not an issue either.

Number of printed sheets 2016: 22 black/white, 12 color

We like to look back

When we take the time to look back, it is always fascinating to us what we have experienced in the last four years. We were able to make so many good and valuable contacts, have unique experiences and win incredibly nice customers for us. Without these people, we would not be standing where we are today. So thank you to everyone who has supported and believed in us up to this point!


We are far from the end of our adventure and there is still much to do. Our daily work is still so much fun and to this day we don’t regret one bit having taken the step into self-employment. There’s a lot more on our roadmap this year that you can look forward to. As long as you keep reading our blog diligently, you won’t miss any of it.


David is responsible for order processing in our online store so that products and licenses are delivered quickly and efficiently. He provides our customers with comprehensive support in selecting the right Sophos product. David has in-depth knowledge of all Sophos products and provides specialized support for the Sophos Central segment.

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