Checking the number of Sophos Central licenses in use

In this article we’ll explain how you can check how many licenses are in use in Sophos Central.


  • Sophos Central Account
  • At least one Sophos Central product in use

Check number of licenses in use

1. Login to Sophos Central account

Login to your Sophos Central Admin account here:

2. Open licensing menu

Open the menu next to your profile name in the top right and select Licensing.

Sophos Central licensing menu

3. Display license information

You’ll now see a list of all licenses in use on your Sophos Central account. In the Usage column you’ll see how many of each license are in use.

Sophos Central license info

Info: The information about licenses in use isn’t real time. If you just activated Intercept X to a user, for example, it may take some time until the correct number is being shown here. The number will take up to 24 hours to refresh.