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How to disable Captcha for Web Admin and User Portal on Sophos Firewall

The origin of this feature was a security vulnerability in SFOS. Since version 18.0.3, this captcha has been available for the Web Admin Login and the User Portal. This was automatically activated with the update. This article explains how to deactivate the captcha for the Web Admin Login and the User Portal.

To disable the captcha, connect to the device console of the firewall via SSH. With the following commands, you can now activate or deactivate the captcha on the individual login pages

Disable Captcha for Web Admin

system captcha-authentication-global disable for webadminconsole

Disable Captcha for User Portal

system captcha-authentication-global disable for userportal

Show Captcha Status

system captcha-authentication-global show for webadminconsole

Reactivate Captcha

If you want to reactivate the captcha for the User Portal, for example, you can do so with the following command:

system captcha-authentication-global enable for userportal