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Migrating Sophos UTM license to SFOS

In this article, we will show you how to migrate your Sophos UTM license to the Sophos Firewall OS (SFOS). This tutorial shows you how to do this during the setup wizard and also briefly explains how to migrate afterwards via the firewall backend.

Performing a License Migration in the Setup Wizard

When you start using your XG firewall, the setup wizard first guides you through a basic configuration. You will eventually come across “Register your Firewall”, where you can select and upload the license file of your UTM. The license will then be checked for validity on a Sophos license server. Of course, this requires an internet connection.

Register XG Firewall

Note: The process is self-explanatory and well documented by Sophos. Therefore, we will not go into the next steps here.

If your firewall does not have an Internet connection during setup or you do not want to migrate your UTM license during this setup wizard, you can simply click Continue. This will skip this step for now and allow you to perform the migration afterwards in the backend.

License migration via the firewall backend

If you completed the setup wizard without migrating your license, log in to the XG Firewall with your username and password. Then select Administration from the navigation menu.

Info: If you have not yet registered your XG Firewall to a Sophos ID, you will be prompted to perform this step.

At the last place on this page you should see the License Upgrade area. Now simply click on Browse and select your UTM license file. Then click on Migrate UTM 9 License.

Migrate UTM 9 license to SFOS

Virtual Appliance

For a virtual firewall, the process is the same as for the Sophos hardware, but the Base License must be purchased once.

Info: The base license is included free of charge with Sophos hardware only. Read more about the base license here: Sophos Firewall OS (SFOS) Base License.