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Sophos Firewall OS (SFOS) Base License

In this article we would like to take a closer look at the “Base License” of Sophos Firewall OS (SFOS). We show you where this Base License is included, what functions it contains and how long it is valid.

Where is the SFOS Base License included?

Hardware Appliance

If you buy an XG hardware appliance, you get the Base License for free. So if you only buy the hardware without paying licenses, such as “Network Protection” or “Web Protection”, you can at least use the free functions of the Base License.

Info: If you have a SG Hardware Appliance and install the new SFOS on it, you will also get the Base License for free. The following article explains how to install the new SFOS on your SG Appliance with the UTM operating system: Install Sophos XG Firewall OS on a SG Appliance

Virtual Appliance

Unfortunately, the Base License is not included for free with a Virtual Appliance and must be purchased as a one-time purchase. You will then receive a license file with a serial number for the VM.

Info: Unlike the hardware appliance, virtual appliances do not have a hardware serial number. For this reason, it must be purchased and specified.

Wichtig: The serial number can only be given once during installation.

What features are included in the Base License?

  • Netzwerk-Firewall - Defining normal firewall rules
  • IPsec VPN Verbinungen
  • Wireless Protection

Info: For VPN and IPsec, a “Network Protection License” would have been required for the UTM operating system. “Wireless Protection” was also a paid module at UTM. The basic license of the SFOS includes all these features for free.

How long is the basic license valid?

Basically, the basic license can be used indefinitely, regardless of whether you own a hardware appliance or have purchased the basic license for the virtual appliance once. The expiration date of the Base License is specified by Sophos for the year 2999. In this case, I think it is possible to speak of a “lifetime license” without exception. 😂