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AP cannot connect to Sophos Central Wireless

In this article, we’ll show you what you can do if your access point is not found when you register with Sophos Central Wireless and the error “AP did not connect to cloud within the timeout” appears.


  • Sophos Central Account
  • The Sophos Access Point
  • Sophos UTM with wireless license or XGS/XG Firewall (wireless free)

Possible cause of the problem

We have learned from experience that a reason for the error message “AP did not connect to cloud within the timeout” is that the access point to be connected (AP) was previously operated on a Sophos UTM or an XG firewall and was not removed correctly. The AP has therefore still stored the UTM/XG registration key, so a new registration with Sophos Central does not work.

Solution to the problem

1. Connect Access Point to Sophos Firewall

The access point must be reconnected to a Sophos UTM/XG firewall. Sophos UTM requires firmware 9.4 to be installed.

2. Set up access point

Add the access point under the firewall as a new device, just like if you really want to use it. If necessary, the firmware will be reinstalled on the AP and the configuration will be loaded afterwards. It could therefore take a little longer. After about 1-5 minutes, the AP should be displayed as’ Active’.

3. Delete access point from firewall

Remove the configuration of the access point on the firewall and wait until it is listed again under’ Pending Access Point’. (Do not disconnect the physical connection).

4. Delete access point from “pending”

As soon as the AP is listed under the “Pending Access Point” again, it has to be deleted manually. Then you can disconnect the cable from the AP.

Delete pending access point from firewall

5. Adding an access point to Sophos Central

Once all these steps have been completed, you should be able to integrate the AP into Sophos Central without any problems. How to do this is described in this article.