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What is Sophos Central Enterprise

For large companies with multiple sites and subsidiaries, the normal Sophos Central dashboard can quickly become confusing. For this purpose, there is “Sophos Central Enterprise”, which provides additional flexibility in terms of management and licensing.

Compared to the normal Sophos Central Admin Dasbhoard, with Sophos Central Enterprise it is possible, for example, to group branch offices or subsidiaries into so-called “sub-estates”. Such “sub-estates” are nothing more than individual Central Accounts managed through the Central Enterprise Dashboard.

Sophos Central Enterprise is therefore also ideally suited for resellers who would like to manage their customers via a central Sophos Central account. So that the whole thing does not become confusing, the customers are then simply divided into separate “sub-estates”.

While the super admin of the account has full control and overview over all sub-estates, he can also create new admin accounts at the same time, which are then only allowed to access a specific sub-group, for example.

License models

There are two license models, one of which you have to choose at the very beginning. A change of the license model is not possible afterwards.

Master license

The Master License is a large license that contains a pool of licenses. For example, you buy 100 licenses with this model and if a sub-account (sub-estate) needs a license, it is automatically obtained from this license pool. No allocation of licenses to the Central Accounts is necessary here. The accounts automatically take the required licenses from the pool.


  • One license pool with one term for all licenses.
  • The larger the pool, the cheaper the licenses.


  • In the event of a license increase, the term of the pool must be adopted. If, for example, the 100 licenses are allocated, the pool must be enlarged with additional licenses. The new licenses must then be adjusted to the term of the previous 100 licenses. So, for example, if the 100 licenses are still valid for 2 years and 4 months, the new licenses will be issued for 2 years and 4 months.

Single license

The single license is the familiar procedure, as with individual Central Accounts. An account buys a license and it runs for 1-3 years.


  • Easy licensing and overview for individual sites, customers (sub-estates).


  • Different durations, which can cause many accounts to renew again and again.
  • For example, if you manage 50 accounts with 20 licenses each in your Enterprise Dashboard, this would be a total of 1000 licenses. However, you buy the license for each account individually and thus remain in the user level 10-20 users.

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