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What is Sophos Central Enterprise?

For large companies with multiple locations and subsidiaries, the normal Sophos Central Dashboard can quickly become confusing. For this purpose, Sophos Central Enterprise provides additional flexibility in terms of management and licensing.

Unlike the normal Sophos Central Admin Dasbhoard, Sophos Central Enterprise can be used to group branch offices or subsidiaries into sub-estates. Such sub-estates are nothing more than individual Central accounts managed through the Central Enterprise Dashboard.

Sophos Central Enterprise is therefore also ideal for resellers who want to manage their customers through a single Sophos Central Account. To keep the whole thing simple, customers are simply divided into separate sub-estates.

While the account’s super admin has full control and visibility of all sub-estates, he or she can also create new admin accounts at the same time, which can then, for example, only access a specific subgroup.

Licensing models

There are two licensing models, of which one must be decided at the outset. It is not possible to change the license model afterwards.

Master licence

The master licence is a large licence containing a pool of licences. You buy 100 licences with this model and if a sub-estate account needs a licence, it is automatically obtained from this licence pool. It is not necessary to assign licences to the Central Accounts. The accounts automatically take the required licences from the pool.


  • A license pool with one term for all licences.
  • The larger the pool, the cheaper the licences.


  • If the number of licences is increased, the duration of the licence pool must be used. If, for example, the 100 licences are allocated, the pool must be enlarged with additional licences. The new licences must then be adapted to the duration of the previous 100 licences. For example, if the 100 licences are still valid for 2 years and 4 months, the new licences will be extended for 2 years and 4 months.

Single licence

The single licence is the well-known procedure, as with single Central Accounts. An account buys a licence and it runs for 1-3 years.


  • Simple licensing and overview for individual locations, customers (sub-estates).


  • Different runtimes, so that many accounts can be renewed over and over again.
  • If, for example, you manage 50 accounts with 20 licences each in your Enterprise Dashboard, this would be a total of 1000 licences. However, you buy the licence for each account individually and thus remain at user level 10-20 users.

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