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Sophos Firewall Hardware rent
Avanet WeRent Hardware Bundles

132,65  - 14.932,50 

132,65  - 14.932,50 

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Avanet WeRent Hardware Bundles

132,65  - 14.932,50 

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A WeRent hardware bundle from Avanet consists of an XGS firewall and a license bundle. In addition, the "High Availability Cluster" option can be activated if additional hardware is required for maximum availability.

Order Hardware Bundle

Simply select the firewall model, license and duration, add the product to the shopping cart and order as normal.

Use worry free

If the firewall stops working properly, we will take care of a replacement hardware as soon as possible.

Stay flexible

After the minimum rental period has expired, you can simply continue to rent the product or return it to us.

No deposit, no hidden costs

Simply pay the first month's rent or the annual rent in advance. Then the desired Sophos Firewall will be sent. We always activate the license at the start on the 1st of the month.

Carefree use

Does the rented firewall give up the ghost during operation without outside intervention? In case of a defect, all our firewalls in the WeRent program are covered by a warranty. Simply notify us of the failure of your firewall and we will take care of the replacement.

Always the latest hardware

Sophos launches new firewall models every few years. With the WeRent program, we ensure that you always have an up-to-date Sophos Firewall wall. As soon as your rented firewall reaches the end-of-life date, we will send you the successor model free of charge.

Flexible rental period

Your business has grown and you need a larger firewall model to handle the throughput? Or do you need to change the license because suddenly more features are needed? Due to the flexible rental period of one month or one year, such upgrades or even downgrades can be registered at least one month before the end of the term.

Return without hesitation

The lease expires and you do not want to renew it? After the timely termination, you can simply put the rented firewall back into its original packaging and return it to us. If you have not already done so yourself, we will take care of the secure deletion of your data and prepare the firewall for the next tenant.

Perfect condition guaranteed

Every Sophos Firewall you rent from us is either new or absolutely new. Great Avanet word of honor! Firewalls that are returned to us after a rental period receive an extensive check, are reset to factory defaults, updated to the latest firmware and carefully repackaged.

Dedicated WeRent warehouse

All Sophos Firewalls that we rent are kept in a separate area of our warehouse. We independently take care of the provision of the goods, packaging and shipping.

Frequently asked questions about the WeRent Hardware Bundle

If you order a WeRent license bundle, we will discuss with you when we should connect the license. We always charge from the 1st of the month. If you need the license during a current month, the whole month must be paid.

We offer a flexible rental period starting from one month. With a rental period of one year, you get two months for free. The lease must be terminated in each case no later than 30 days before the end of the term.

If you rent your bundle license on a monthly basis, you can simply inform us by email at least 30 days before the desired cancellation date. However, it can only ever be cancelled at the end of a month.

For an annual license, the 30 days before the end of the term also applies. However, you will receive an email reminder 60 days before that the license will be renewed soon. To stop renting the license, you can then simply reply to this email.

For monthly billing, we will automatically charge the amount to your credit card. For an annual contract period you will receive an invoice from us.

No, we rent Sophos XGS Firewalls only in combination with a license bundle. If you do not need a license, because the free basic license is sufficient for you, you would have to buy the hardware normally.

Since we still want to gain experience with the firewall rental model, our XGS firewalls, which are only intended for rental, are only available in a limited quantity for the time being. If you are interested in renting more than one firewall from us, just ask us and we will check our options.

If the firewall suffers a defect without any external impact, they are covered by a hardware warranty. In this case, you simply need to inform us about the defect and we will take care of a quick replacement.

However, if the rented hardware falls or is suspected of being destroyed, for example, the customer must pay for the damage with the current purchase price of the firewall in question.

Our WeRent hardware is intended exclusively for rental and cannot be purchased during a rental period. In addition to hardware rental, we continue to offer the classic purchase model. So you can also buy any Sophos Firewall via our website.