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Special price when purchasing a Sophos XGS Firewall with any rental license!

Looking for an attractive entry-level offer that can’t be beat on price?
With us you get a Sophos XGS Firewall (XGS 87 – 3300) with any annual license (Standard, Xstream, Epic Protection) at an absolute special price – only while stocks last! 🤫

Order Hardware Bundle

Simply select the firewall model and license. Then add the product to the shopping cart and order normally.

Put firewall into operation

Configure your new XGS Firewall according to your requirements. We also offer support during setup.

Use license for 1 year

After the annual license expires, you can either extend the subscription for another year or cancel it.

Unbeatable price advantage

In this Avanet Hardware Promo we offer limited quantities of the XGS 87 – 3300 models for a special price in combination with a license for1 year an. At the top of the configurator, simply select the XGS Firewall you want and a license bundle.

License included for 1 year

With an annual license in the subscription model, you can sit back and relax. We will take care of activating the desired license, which will remain activated on your firewall until you cancel it with us. When you purchase this Avanet promo bundle, the price already includes one year’s license rental. So there are no additional costs.

No subscription trap – promised 🤝

The cancellation period for our Sophos subscription licenses is 30 days to the end of the term. You will receive an email reminder from us two months before the end of your contract period that the license will soon be automatically extended for another year. So we give you a fair chance to inform us in time if you do not want to renew.

Flexible terms

The subscription licenses are specially designed for customers who cannot or do not want to plan far in advance. For this purpose, we offer a flexible contract period starting at just one month. A shorter term gives you the freedom to switch more quickly between the different Sophos license bundles (Standard, Xstream, Epic Protection) or to cancel the contract. If, on the other hand, you choose a term of one year, you will receive two months free of charge. 🎁

Frequently asked questions about Avanet Hardware Promo

The Avanet hardware promo consists of a Sophos XGS Firewall and a license for 12 months. For the firewall, you can choose between an XGS 86 – XGS 3300. The Sophos license bundles “Standard, Xstream and Epic Protection” are available for selection.

Absolutely not. You bought the hardware and therefore it is 100% yours 🙂 .

You will receive an email reminder two months before the end of the term that your license will soon be automatically extended for another year. If you are still satisfied with Sophos Firewall by then and you would like to keep the license, you do not need to do anything further at this point 🙂 .

However, if you no longer need the license, you can simply reply to this email and cancel the contract period.

If you change your mind shortly after placing your order, it is possible that we can adjust your bundle license.
However, once the license has been activated by us, it can only be changed again after the contract period of 12 months.

With the subscription licenses we offer a flexible rental period starting from one month. With this hardware promo, the purchase price already includes the license for the first year of the bundle license. However, after this year you are welcome to switch to monthly billing.

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