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Sophos Firewall - Zero-Day Protection License Box
Sophos XGS 5500 Zero-Day Protection

4.255,97  - 16.588,98 

4.255,97  - 16.588,98 

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Sophos XGS 5500 Zero-Day Protection

4.255,97  - 16.588,98 

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Sophos Zero-Day Protection - The next generation of advanced and simple threat defense

The world of cyber threats is becoming increasingly complex. Old-fashioned anti-malware solutions simply aren't enough anymore. Sophos Zero-Day Protection is a powerful solution specifically designed to protect against advanced and constantly evolving threats. With powerful technologies such as real-time JavaScript emulation and behavioral analysis, Sophos leads the security industry in the fight against advanced malware. This comprehensive protection is complemented by the Sophos Web Protection, providing an additional line of defense against advanced persistent threats (APTs) and zero-day malware.

Thanks to effective technologies such as real-time JavaScript emulation and behavioral analysis, Sophos leads the security industry in the fight against advanced malware. While traditional anti-malware protection is certainly still important as a first line of defense, organizations increasingly need additional tools to stand up to today's attacks. This is where Sophos Zero-Day comes in.

Sophos Zero-Day complements Sophos's existing security products and provides additional protection against advanced persistent threats (APT) and zero-day malware. It detects and blocks threats that are intentionally designed to sneak past existing security controls (evasive threats). Thanks to its powerful cloud-based next-generation sandbox technology, Sophos's Zero-Day provides an easy way to protect against this advanced malware in the future.

Advanced protection against targeted attacks

Keep unknown, data-stealing malware off your network. Zero-Day Protection has powerful cloud-based sandboxing technology that helps you respond to APTs and zero-day threats quickly and effectively.

With Sophos Zero-Day Protection, you get protection that goes far beyond the traditional. It provides proactive defense against targeted attacks by detecting and blocking malicious behavior before it can cause damage. This powerful solution uses advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify and neutralize unknown and evolving threats.

Ready for use in a few minutes

Setting up Sophos Zero-Day Protection is a simple and quick process. After purchasing the license, the system can be integrated into your existing IT infrastructure with just a few clicks. In addition, Sophos offers extensive online resources and dedicated support to make the process even smoother.

Sophos Zero-Day Protection is fully integrated with your Sophos Security solution. Simply purchase a license, activate Sophos Zero-Day, and customize the rules accordingly. From now on, you are protected against targeted attacks.

Block threats (evasive threats) that others don't see

Sophos Zero-Day Protection goes beyond standard signatures and heuristics to detect threats. It uses advanced behavioral analytics and machine learning to detect even threats designed to circumvent traditional security assumptions. This effectively fends off even the most sophisticated and elaborate attacks that other solutions may miss.

Detect threats specifically designed to evade sandbox devices. Sophos's full-system emulation approach provides deep insight into the behavior of unknown malware and prevents malicious attacks that other vendors simply miss.

Comprehensive analysis

Detect the behavior of a potential threat on all your endpoints across your infrastructure. These include operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X and Android), physical and virtual
Devices, services, users, network infrastructure, and web, email, files, and mobile apps. Let threats explode in the zero-day cloud first and protect your data centers from dangerous malware.

Ultra fast performance

Sophos Zero-Day Protection relies on the high computing power of multiple globally distributed data centers, including locations in the US, Europe and Asia (of course, Europe only can be selected), to provide fast and effective threat defense. This global presence ensures continuous availability and fast response times, even with high data volumes. A typical malware scan can be completed within minutes, depending on the file size, ensuring business continuity and minimizing downtime.

Your Sophos security solution first carefully filters traffic so that only suspicious files are transmitted to zero-day. This results in minimal latency and the impact on end users is also low.