New firewall hardware - Sophos XG 86(w) and XG 106(w)
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New firewall hardware - Sophos XG 86(w) and XG 106(w)

Patrizio - April 8, 2019

Selling the two smallest XG models, the XG 85(w) and 105(w), will be stopped in the middle of the year. With the XG 86(w) and the XG 106(w), Sophos is already introducing the successors, which can be pre-ordered from us today.

Which models are affected?

Before we get to the innovations, let's take a quick look at what models we're talking about here:

  • New: XG 86 Rev. 1 - Previously: XG 85 Rev. 3
  • New: XG 86w Rev. 1 - Previously: XG 85 Rev. 3
  • New: XG 106 Rev. 1 - Previously: XG 105 Rev. 3
  • New: XG 106w Rev. 1 - Previously: XG 105w Rev. 3

XG 86

The XG 85 was almost unusable up to now. We could only approve the use of this hardware for a maximum of 3 users. But even then we would always have personally recommended the XG 105. From our point of view, the hardware of the XG 85 is simply too weak in terms of performance. If you take a quick look at the Sophos forums, you will see that this is not just our opinion.

Sophos has now probably noticed for itself that a hardware update is urgently needed and is reacting with the XG 86 and XG 86w as successors. Optically, everything remains the same, but in terms of performance, the new firewalls now have twice as much memory and storage:

  • Memory: Instead of 2 GB memory now 4 GB are installed.
  • eMMC storage: Instead of 8 GB of storage, 16 GB are now available.

XG 106

The XG 105 wasn't exactly a performance monster either, but it was quite usable as an entry-level model. The design of the XG 106 has not been changed either. However, it gets a memory update:

  • Memory: Instead of 2 GB memory now 4 GB are installed.

Availability and Prices

According to Sophos, the new hardware will be available from 9 April 2019. However, experience has shown that it may take some time before these devices are shipped by Sophos and arrive at the warehouse. We don't expect it until mid-May at the earliest. However, you can still pre-order the new firewalls on our website. We will ship the new hardware models as soon as we receive them!

Since we can now also send all products in our shop to customers in Germany, the pre-order of course applies to Swiss, Liechtensteiner, as well as Germans! Please also read our blogpost for more information: Avanet Shop: Welcome Germany! 🇩🇪

The new hardware is delivered with firmware version 17.5 MR3 and has become a bit more expensive compared to the predecessor models. Sophos mentions the double storage and the increased memory as the reason.

End of sale of XG 85(w) and XG 105(w)

The new models replace the current XG 85(w) and 105(w) appliances. The end of sale date is August 17th, 2019. Depending on how the remaining stock is, perhaps earlier.

SG with UTM

Just as there was no counterpart for the SG series for the XG 85, there will also be no SG 86 or SG 106 firewalls. Evil tongues wouldn't miss the opportunity to emphasize the strategic death of the SG series and the UTM operating system once again. 🤭

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