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Remote Desktop Services – Adjustments in licensing

Sophos recently made a change to its licensing model that affects the licensing of Remote Desktop Services or Terminal Services.

Sophos Central’s licensing model is not always straightforward. To understand this better, we have already written a corresponding knowledge base article for you.

Situation to date

Previously, Sophos required that a user logging on to a remote desktop server also pay for an endpoint license in order to be properly licensed. So, on the one hand, a license was needed for the server and, on the other hand, Endpoint Protection licenses for the users. In environments where you wanted to protect the clients one way or another with Sophos Endpoint, this was justified and completely understandable.

However, this was less understandable for environments where so-called thin clients were used. Although no antivirus software could be installed on a thin client, it was previously necessary to equip users with endpoint licenses in addition to the server.

That has changed

Sophos has now cleared up this dilemma and, from now on, it is sufficient in such environments if only the terminal servers are equipped with the appropriate server licenses.

This adjustment to the license model may well result in significant discounts for some customers. 🎉


David is responsible for order processing in our online store so that products and licenses are delivered quickly and efficiently. He provides our customers with comprehensive support in selecting the right Sophos product. David has in-depth knowledge of all Sophos products and provides specialized support for the Sophos Central segment.

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