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Sophos increases prices by nearly double

Sophos’s latest price increase hits some products extremely hard and some prices are increased by up to 40%. In this article, we’ll take a look at all the changes that will apply from January 5, 2023. You still have some time to take advantage of the current low prices.

Sophos Firewall / Switch – 2 and 3 year discounts cancelled

If you bought a licence for more than just 1 year, there were good discounts for longer terms:

  • 1-year licence
  • 2-year licence +75% instead of + 100%
  • 3-year licence +140% instead of +200%

This discount is no longer available and the 3-year licence is three times as expensive as the annual licence. This affects the following products:

  • Sophos Firewall XGS Series, XG Series and SW/Virtual licenses (up to +25%)
  • Sophos Firewall licenses of the SG series (UTM) (up to +25%)
  • Sophos Firewall licenses (XG, XGS and SW/Virtual) (up to +25%)
  • Sophos Firewall licenses (UTM and UTM Software) (up to +25%)
  • Sophos Switch Licenses (up to +25%)
  • Central Firewall Reporting Advanced (up to +25%)

Access Points & REDs

Sophos access points APX 120, APX 320, APX 530 and APX 740 plus accessories will increase in price by +10%.

The Sophos SD-RED 20, SD-RED 60 and RED accessories will also increase in price by +10%.

Sophos Central products – Multi-year discount reduced

Similar to the firewalls, the 2-year and 3-year rebates are being reduced. The discounts are not completely cancelled, but reduced. The following products are affected:

  • Central Device Encryption
  • Central Mobile Standard and Advanced
  • Intercept X Essentials, Advanced, Advanced with XDR
  • Intercept X f Sorerver Essentials, Advanced, Advanced with XDR
  • Cloud Native Security
  • Cloud Optix Advanced
  • Zero Trust Network Access

Compared to the 1-year licence, the 2-year licence is factor x1.7 more expensive and the 3-year licence invoice x2.2 more expensive.

Sophos Central Email is not affected by this. Or is it? 🙈


Both Central E-Mail Standard and the Advanced variant will become 40% more expensive.

Sophos UTM no longer a core product

We have long since discontinued UTM support and also the sale of UTM licenses through the store. As of next year, SG hardware with UTM licenses is officially no longer a Core-Product at Sophos. This is the first time Sophos has shown that these products no longer have a future. The non-core products will automatically become at least 20% more expensive in the new year.

A final thought

A price adjustment triggered by the pandemic and consequently the chip crisis and logistical problems was foreseeable, this price increase was rather unexpected. We thought that the demonetization was already covered by the last adjustment, as the monetary expansion reached a high at the turn of the year and Sophos made price adjustments in Q2 and Q3. However, it seems more likely that for Sophos the macroeconomic effects occurred later. For many other products in our daily life, we have had the higher prices for quite some time.

Especially because of the promo it was interesting to buy 3-year licenses. In the future you will get even cheaper with a subscription license.


Patrizio is an experienced network specialist with a focus on Sophos firewalls, switches and access points. He supports customers or their IT department in the configuration and migration of Sophos firewalls and ensures optimal network security through clean segmentation and firewall rule management.

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