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Sophos Phish Threat – The world’s simplest attack simulator

With Sophos Phish Threat, a new and interesting product joins the Sophos Central Suit. While it won’t be a product we will personally use for ourselves, we are convinced that many of you can benefit from Sophos Phish Threat. But let’s take a look at what we can expect from this new product.

What is Sophos Phish Threat?

Basically, it’s nothing more than user training. It is designed to help users recognize phishing websites or phishing emails and avoid falling for phishing attempts lightly in the future.

Why it takes Sophos Phish Threat

Who hasn’t opened a supposed phishing email and wasn’t sure if they should really click the link provided? It’s amazing how high quality these emails already are. Whereas language, spelling and layout used to be good clues for recognizing a scam, these identifying features no longer really help today.

We all know it, actually. Nothing is 100% secure, at least as far as IT systems are concerned. Even a Sophos firewall in the company does not protect against all threats. Often, however, it also fails because of an amateurish configuration, due to a lack of know-how. Endpoint protection on each device increases security even more, of course, and if you then activate Synchronized Security with your XG Firewall, you’ve pretty much reached the tip of the iceberg.

Long story short: The biggest danger is and remains the user himself! By the way, this is also shown by our own“Social Experiment ” . This is exactly why user training is an important part of a company’s security plan, and Sophos Phish Threat provides a very useful tool to simulate such attacks, so that you and your employees can gradually get a feel for which emails or websites you might want to close. In addition, you also get measurable values and can better assess how you and your employees would really react to phishing.

Try Sophos Phish Threat now!

If you don’t have a Sophos Central account yet, you can create one on the Sophos website and try all the features, including “Sophos Phish Threat”, for free for 30 days.

If you already have a Sophos Central account and the 30-day trial period has expired, you can order a license for “Sophos Wireless” in our store:

Learn more about Sophos Phish Threat:


Patrizio is an experienced network specialist with a focus on Sophos firewalls, switches and access points. He supports customers or their IT department in the configuration and migration of Sophos firewalls and ensures optimal network security through clean segmentation and firewall rule management.

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