Sophos Phish Threat - The worlds easiest attack simulator
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Sophos Phish Threat - The worlds easiest attack simulator

Patrizio - May 4, 2017

With Sophos Phish Threat, a new and interesting product is being added to Sophos Central Suite. While it won't be a product we personally use, we're convinced many of you can benefit from Sophos Phish Threat. Let's take a look at what we can expect from this new product.

What's Sophos Phish Threat?

Basically nothing but user education. It's supposed to help users identify phishing websites or phishing emails and not be fooled by phishing attempts them in the future.

Why Sophos Phish Threat is necessary

Who hasn't opened an alleged phishing email and wasn't sure if he should really click on the link or not? The high quality of these emails is really surprising these days. In the past, language, grammar and layout were indications to identify a scam, these indications aren't of much help these days anymore.

We all know, nothing is 100% secure, at least when looking at IT systems. Even a Sophos firewall isn't able to protect your company against all potential threats. Often, such systems fail due to unprofessional configuration, due to a lack of know-how. Endpoint protection on every device is rising the security standard, if you've also activated Synchronized Security in your XG firewall, you have reached the tip of the iceberg.

Long story short, the biggest threat is the user itself! This is also being shown by our own "social experiment ". For that reason, user education is an important part of a security concept, and with Sophos Phish Threat you're getting a very useful tool to simulate such attacks, so you and your employees get a better feel for which emails or websites you should rather close. Apart from that, you're getting some actual data on how you and your employees would react in case of real phishing attacks.

Try Sophos Phish Threat now!

If you don't have a Sophos Central account yet, you can create one on the Sophos website and try all features, including Sophos Central Phish Threat, free for 30 days.

If you already have a Sophos Central account and the 30-day trial period has expired, you can order a "Sophos Central Phish Threat" license from our store:

More informationen on Sophos Phish Threat:

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