Sophos Sandstorm data center opens in Frankfurt, Germany
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Sophos Sandstorm data center opens in Frankfurt, Germany

Patrizio - September 19, 2019

Since 20 August 2019, Sophos Sandstorm has been analysing your files at a data centre in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. This will certainly please customers who have concerns about compliance with the DSGVO or further Brexit development. On the XG firewall, the selection looks like this:

Sophos Sandstorm briefly explained

If you have licensed email or web protection on your Sophos firewall, whether UTM or XG, Sophos Sandstorm can provide you with additional security with these modules. Sophos Sandstorm analyzes files that are to be downloaded from the internet or sent as an email attachment in a Sophos data center first, and then finds them to be good or blocks them. If you would like to find out more about Sophos Sandstorm, please read our blog post, in which we introduce Sandstorm in detail.

Data centers for file analysis

The following locations are available for Sandstorm for data analysis:

  • Europe: Germany → Frankfurt NEW
  • Europe: United Kingdom → London
  • USA
  • Asia: Japan, Tokyo

Where can I select the new data analysis location in Frankfurt?

Sophos does not offer Sandstorm's technology only on UTM or SFOS. Sophos Sandstorm is also used on the web or email appliance. However, the new data analysis location of Frankfurt cannot be selected everywhere.

  • Sophos Firewall with SFOS (XG Firewall) - The Frankfurt location has been selectable since 20 August 2019.
  • Sophos Firewall with UTM OS (SG Firewall) - Frankfurt location can be selected from UTM version 9.7 onwards.
  • Sophos Web Appliance - The Frankfurt location can be selected as of version 4.3.9.
  • Sophos Email Appliance - Manual selection is not possible here.

If you automatically assign the analysis location for Sandstorm in the settings, "Frankfurt" will be selected automatically from October 2019, if you are also in this area. However, this is decided by the latency-based routing of the Amazon DNS.

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