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Add or remove Sophos Central endpoint features

In this article, we will show you how to easily add or remove additional endpoint features, such as Intercept X or Device Encryption, on an already installed Sophos Endpoint Client.

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Info: This guide is intended for anyone who has already installed a Sophos Central Endpoint Client and now wants to post-install or uninstall Intercept X or Device Encryption. You can perform all these steps conveniently in Sophos Central.


  • Sophos Central Account
  • Sophos Endpoint Client installed on at least one computer

1. log in to the Sophos Central account

Log in to to log in to Sophos Central Admin.

2. view all computers with an endpoint client

Click in the left sidebar under My Products on Endpoint Protection. Then select the menu item Computers in the sidebar as well. Afterwards, all computers on which you have installed an endpoint client will be listed.

3. manage functions

Click the button with the inscription Manage Endpoint Software in the upper right corner. In the Software List, choose between Endpoint Protection, Intercept X or Device Encryption. By clicking on the respective category, you will get a list of suitable computers on the left side, on which you could still install the product. On the right side you will see all computers on which the function has already been installed. Select one or more computers and move them either to the right or to the left using the arrows between the two columns.

4. save changes

When all computers have been assigned or unassigned the desired functions, all changes can be saved by clicking Save. Once the affected clients have received the new configuration from Sophos Central, the features are added or removed.