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Add Sophos Central users

In this article, we’ll explain how to manually (without Active Directory) add users in Sophos Central. You’ll be able to allocate licenses to users or set user guidelines later.

Info: Most modules in Sophos Central are being licensed by user. If you’d like to roll out Sophos Endpoint Protection for every person in your company, for example, you’ll have to add these users to your Sophos Central account first. We’re going to show you how to do so here.


  • Sophos Central account
  • User login with Admin or Super Admin permissions

Add user

Sophos Central people overview

1. Login to Sophos Central account

Login to your Sophos Central admin account here: https://central.sophos.com.

2. Manage users

Click on People in the sidebar. You’ll now see all users that you have added to the system until now.

Note: In case you haven’t added any users yet, you’ll have to add at least one Super Admin before.

3. Add user

Now, click on the blue Add user button in the top right corner. The following form will pop up:

Sophos Central add user window

4. Name

In the first box, please enter the new users name. We recommend using First and last name, but you can set whichever name you’d like, for example CentralAdmin.

5. Email address

You don’t have to enter an email address, however, there’s functions or services that require an email address.

Important: If you set up Email Setup Link later in order to automatically send installation links via email, you need to set an email address when creating the new user.

6. Define user role

Choose a role for your user. Options are: Super Admin, Admin, Help Desk, Read-only, and User.

Note: You can only see “Super Admin” if you are a super admin yourself.

Info: What the individual roles mean is explained in more detail in the article Sophos Central Administrative roles and their meanings.

7. Exchange-Login

In case the user you want to add already has got an Exchange-Login, you can enter its information here. You can leave this box empty, too.

Info: You can add the Exchange-Login of your new user if you want to synchronize mobile devices like smartphones and tablets with an exchange server. If you enter the login here, the user won’t have to set this up manually on his device.

8. Add to group

Here you can add the user to an existing user group. Choose the group in the left column and click the > button.

Note: If you haven’t added any groups yet, you obviously won’t see any. You can add users to groups later, too.

9. Email Setup Link

If you entered the users email address under 5. of this tutorial, you can automatically send various download links to their email address. You can choose from the following options:

9.1 Endpoint Protection

Under Endpoint Protection, you can add Computers and Android mobile devices.

  • Choosing Computers will send the user a download link to Sophos Central Endpoint Protection for Windows and macOS.
  • Choosing Android mobile devices will send the user a download link to Mobile Security App for Android, as well as a QR-code to verify himself afterwards.

9.2 Web Gateway

Choosing this option will send the user a download link to *Sophos Central Web Gateways**.

9.2 Mobile Device Management

Choosing this option will send the user a download link to Sophos Central Mobile for Android and iOS, as well as a QR-code to verify himself afterwards.

10. Save and continue

Done! To add the user to the system, click Save or Save and Add Another, to add another new user right away.