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Enable Sophos Central Enterprise Management

This guide shows the steps required to enable enterprise management from a regular Sophos Central account.

If you don’t know exactly what Sophos Central Enterprise is, you should read the following article first: What is Sophos Central Enterprise?


  • The Central Admin Account requires a valid license. Enterprise Management cannot be activated with a trial account.
  • The Central user needs Super Admin permissions.
  • It requires a valid email address that is not used in another Sophos Central account.

1. Enable Enterprise Management

Log in to https://central.sophos.com with your Sophos Enterprise account, which meets the above requirements. Then click on your account name in the upper right corner and select Account Details from the drop-down menu. Change in the light grey navigation column to the menu item Account Preferences to get to the Enterprise Management settings. Activate the toggle at Enterprise Management and click on Save.

Enable Sophos Central Enterprise Management

2. Confirm Enterprise Management

In the next step, click ‘Continue’ to confirm that you really want to activate Enterprise Management. Only an Enterprise Super Admin can undo this step later.

Sophos Central Enterprise Management confirmation

3. Create Enterprise Administrator

You now have two options to create an Enterprise Administrator. You have to consider very carefully which option is the right one for your situation:

  1. If you want to use the current Central user, with whom you are currently logged in, as Enterprise Administrator, you can simply activate the checkbox. The user data will then be automatically filled into the form fields.
  2. If you want the current Central Account to become a sub-estate, do not click on the checkbox. Instead, create a new Enterprise Administrator whose email address has not yet been used for another Sophos Central account.

Afterwards click on Enable Enterprise Management and Save.

Entering data for the Sophos Central Enterprise administrator

4. Confirm Enterprise Administrator

If you want to use the current Central user as Enterprise Administrator, a message will appear that this user can only log on to the Central Enterprise Console in the future. Access to the normal Central Admin is no longer possible.

Click Continue or Change if you need to create an Enterprise Administrator with a different email address.

Confirming the Sophos Central Enterprise Administrator

Info: If you have used the current Central user as Enterprise Administrator, you will be logged out and logged into the Enterprise Console. For security reasons, you will probably need to set up two-factor authentication. If you have created a new Enterprise Administrator, a welcome email will be sent to the email address you provided to set up a secure password.

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