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Install Sophos Central Intercept X (Windows)

In this article we’ll explain, how to install Sophos Central Intercept X on your windows computer in order to protect it from ransomware and zero-day exploits.

Info: Sophos Intercept X works as an addition to any other anti virus software and can easily be used in combination with third party anti virus software like Symantec, Kasperky, McAfee etc.. Uninstalling other anti virus software is not necessary.


  • Sophos Central Account
  • Admin permission on the computer
  • Active network connection

Installing Sophos Intercept X

1. Login to Sophos Central account

Login to your Sophos Central Admin account here: https://central.sophos.com

2. Download installer

Click in the Sidebar on the menu item Protect Devices. In the category Endpoint Protection, you can find the complete Endpoint Installer called Download Complete Windows Installer. Since you don’t want to install the whole package now, but only Intercept X, click below on Choose Components.... Make sure you only checked Intercept X and then click on Download Installer.

Sophos Central Download Setup Endpoint Intercept X

3. Run installer

Next, you can start the setup of Sophos Intercept X.

4. Check installation

If the installation worked, the computer now is protected against ransomware and zero-day exploits and is going to be listed in Sophos Central. To check, you can select Endpoint Protection in the Sidebar, then click Computer.

Important: You should never delete the computer in Sophos Central before uninstalling the corresponding software on the computer. The software is protected through Tamper Protection. To release this protection, being linked to Sophos Central is mandatory.

5. Assign license to the correct user

If there’s an existing Sophos Central user connected to the computer account Intercept X has been installed on, you can now assign the license to this user. How to do so is being explained in this tutorial.