Assign Sophos Central licenses to users

In this article, we’ll explain how to connect users, that were automatically created by Sophos Central, to existing users. This is necessary to make sure all licenses are counted and invoiced correctly.


  • Sophos Central Account
  • User login with Admin or Super Admin role

Starting situation

In Sophos Central, you can choose between distributing personalized or global setup files. If a user installs a global setup file on his computer, Sophos Central won’t be able to identify the user, so it will create a new user itself. The automatically created user will receive a name that’s built up like this: Hostname\user (Hostname: computer name / user: name of logged in user).

Note: If there’s no exisiting user to be connected to the automatically created user, you can simply rename it. You can find out more about that in the article “Renaming Sophos Central user”.

1. Login to Sophos Central Account

Login to your Sophos Central Admin account here:

2. Show all users

Click on the People button in the sidebar. You’ll now see all existing users that have been created by you or the system. Search for the user that has been automatically created and remember the generated name.

3. Edit user

If you have remembered the name, now search for the existing user you wish to connect the automatically created user to. Click on the name of the existing user to open his user profile. Click Edit under Logins in the bottom right.

Sophos Central - edit user logins

4. Connect users

Use the appearing form to search for the generated name you remembered. Choose the name and click on the > button. You can now save your changes by clicking Save and finish by deleting the generated user.

Sophos Central - modify user logins

Important: If you don’t delete the automatically generated user after connecting, it will still be counted and invoiced as an active user.