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Setting up Sophos RED

In this manual, we’ll show you how to use Sophos RED to connect entire branch offices to your existing network in less than two minutes. Creating a VPN connection between two locations has never been easier.

Info: We recommend an Internet connection with at least 5000/500 Kbit/s. In addition, all ports of the provider’s modem should be opened and DHCP activated.

Requirements for the main site

  • Sophos Firewall
  • Network protection licence
  • Internet connection (fixed IP address with DNS entry recommended)

Requirements for the external location


  • RED 15 & RED 50 TCP 3400 + UDP 3410
  • SD-RED 20 & SD-RED 60 TCP 3400 + UDP 3410
Sophos RED 15 and SD-RED 20 LEDs on the front panel

Connect Sophos RED

  1. Connect your Modem from the provider to the WAN connection of the RED. You can connect multiple computers or a switch to the RED’s LAN ports.

  2. Connect the Sophos RED to the power connector. The Power LED starts to light up constantly.

  3. The Sophos RED will now start and the System LED will light up.

  4. After a correct boot process the RED receives a IP from the provider modem. If successful, the Router LED lights up.

  5. Next, the Sophos RED connects to the Internet. During this procedure the Internet LED flashes. When the RED is connected to the Internet, the LED lights up constantly and the VPN config file is downloaded.

  6. As soon as the RED has received all the data it needs for the VPN connection, it tries to establish a VPN tunnel. This is indicated by a flashing of the Tunnel-LED on the front of the RED. When the VPN tunnel is stationary, the LED lights up constantly.

Finally, all that remains to be done is to ensure that a DHCP for the RED network is enabled on Sophos UTM at the main site and that Internet access has been enabled for the clients.

Note: If the RED gets stuck on one of the four LEDs during setup, you can see immediately where the problem is.

Important: If the status LEDs start flashing from left to right, the RED is currently installing a new firmware. Do not switch off the RED!**

Additional information

If this manual was not enough for you, you can find more information at the Sophos RED Quick-Start Quide.

Sophos Central Intercept X Advanced

Sophos RED makes it easy to connect a branch office or home office to the corporate network. But often computers are taken to the network, which are not controlled. That’s why we protect these computers with Sophos Central Intercept X Essentials and Sophos Centre Intercept X Advanced.