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Grant yourself total protection

Sophos Central Intercept X Advanced is a combination of the products Sophos Central Endpoint Protection and Intercept X.

With Sophos Central Intercept X Advanced, you get all the features of Sophos Central Endpoint Protection and Intercept X in one product.

So on the one hand you benefit from great functions such as "peripheral control" or "malicious traffic detection" and at the same time get Intercept X, a specialist on your computer, who uses a technology called "CryptoGuard" to detect as soon as malware tries to encrypt files on your computer and stops this process immediately. Files that have already been encrypted are then automatically restored so that no data loss occurs.

Would you like to see the Sophos Central user interface live? Simply go to central.sophos.com and use the demo account. Username: demo@sophos.com / Password: Demo@sophos.com

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The only truly comprehensive exploit prevention

Prevent exploiting security vulnerabilities.

Sophos Exploit Protection is a unique technology in Intercept X that prevents previously unknown or unpatched vulnerabilities in applications or operating system components from being exploited. Intercept X monitors each application in the background and checks for exploit techniques during each action.

If such a technique is detected, exploit prevention prevents a safety gap from being exploited and restores the system to a safe state.

Root Cause Analysis

Find out the cause of the attack.

Imagine that, despite all the protective measure names, malware has made it into your network. How did this happen? Intercept X's root cause analysis allows you to uncover this mystery with an impressive 360-degree analysis. The Root Cause Analysis Tool can tell you in detail how the malware got into the network, which devices were infected and what steps you should take now.

With Root Cause Analysis, you'll never be in the dark again when your network has been infected by unknown malware.

Sophos Clean

Restores the system to its original state after an attack.

With Intercept X, you're protected against signatureless pests such as Ransomware, but after an attempted attack, your system must still be freed from all the remnants. Since there is no cleaning routine for unknown pests, all processes of the executed malware have to be examined forensically. Sophos Clean takes care of this task.

Sophos Clean performs a complete cleaning of the system after a stopped attack. It not only removes the malware itself, but also replaces infected Windows resources with safe, original versions and finally restores the system to its original state, as it was before the infection.

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