What do the different blink codes at the Sophos access points mean?

In this tutorial, we explain what it means when the LEDs of a Sophos access point blink.

AP 10, 30, 50

  • LED flashes slowly: Not yet connected or configured with a controller (UTM, XG, Central).
  • Fast flashing LED: The Access Point is about to flash a new firmware. Do not remove AP from power in this state!

AP 15, 55, 100

  • Slowly flashing LED (green): AP is booting
  • Fast flashing LED (green): AP has network connection and data is being transmitted.
  • Slow flashing LED (orange): No connection to UTM
  • Fast flashing LED (orange): Firmware Update

APX Series, APX 120, 320, 530, 740

  • LED is off: AP is switched off or starting
  • Constant LED light (green): Normal operation
  • Flashing LED (green): AP restarts and establishes connection to wireless controller
  • Constant LED light (red): Error, no wireless controller found. AP is restarted (if it is not yet assigned to a controller). Check the network connection if the error persists. When pressing the reset button: AP prepares to reset the configuration.
  • Slowly flashing LED (red): Configuration is being reset
  • Fast flashing LED (red): Firmware update is in progress. Note: Do not disconnect from power supply!

How is a reset done?

From time to time it is necessary to reset the access point. However, simply pressing the reset button is not enough. Depending on how long the reset button is pressed, the APX either restarts or restarts its configuration and resets its image to factory defaults.

Restart with current build and configuration

  1. Press the Reset button for up to 8 seconds.
  2. Release the reset button.
  3. The LED goes off and then lights green. The AP is being restarted.

Restart with current build and basic configuration

  1. Press the Reset button for 15-20 seconds.
  2. Release the reset button.
  3. The AP triggers a restart and starts in the factory state.
  4. The AP must now be re-registered with the controller.